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Want to write for Spiritual Wisdom Magazine?

Please communicate with the Spiritual Wisdom Magazine Team
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By submitting to Spiritual Wisdom Magazine you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Queries from new/guest contributors:

1. Before submitting your query, we recommend that you are familiar with Spiritual Wisdom Magazine previously submitted content. View at

2. Include in your query email; a short blurb about yourself and what you would like to write about. (BOLD the Topic)

3. Also include all links to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google + so we can stalk check you out.

Please Note: Do not send in full articles as a submission query.

nb: Queries, submissions and questions sent via Facebook messages, tweets, or other forms of social media will not be responded to.

Hey my sweet Nicole, I just had to take a minute to thank you for allowing me to write on your site and share the messages passed through me with people across the world. I would have never imagined myself being known worldwide and thanks to you I am, and the added bonus it has increased my business since I have! So I just had to write a thank you for the opportunity! In blessed light and love, Jamie Streett Weekly Angelic Forecaster for Spiritual Wisdom Magazine Streett


  • Submissions can be in the form of an article, interview, poetry, artwork, photography.

Here’s the skinny:

  • Writing must be original content and not published on any other site or blog (EXCEPT your own).
  • Please reserve all self-promotion to your bio space/advertising space.
  • All photography must be your own work, or you have the artist’s permission to use it freely for commercial use. You must include the name of the artist as credit in your submission.

Artwork or photography without specified credit will not be used.

  • Spiritual Wisdom Magazine reserves the right to re-publish submissions on the blog at any time, giving credit to the author.
  • When taking photographs to include with your submission, please ensure they are clear, appropriate and at high-quality resolution.
  • Spiritual Wisdom Magazine reserves the right to edit and/or crop photographs.

Submission Requirements:

1. Word Count: Between 500- 1700 words.

2. Your submission MUST have at least two pictures that connects to what your article is about.
For fantastic images  we recommend (and use) (72dpi)

3. Include a short bio, links to your blog, Facebook fan page and Twitter, and a photo of your amazeball self! 

Please Note: Your bio should be no longer than 5 sentences and should include links at the end (show us what you got!)

4. Please make sure all spelling and grammar are correct, with no double spaces between sentences. We recommend you have your submission proofread by another person before submitting.

5. You may not use, submit, post or re-purpose your submission on any personal website or blog (other than your own) within four months of the publication date of the issue that you have submitted to.
After four months you may use your submission but must include a link back to Spiritual Wisdom Magazine and the words:

‘First seen on Spiritual Wisdom Magazine (date seen)

Reprinted with permission.’

You CAN post a small excerpt (blurb) on your site with a link BACK to your full article on Spiritual Wisdom Magazine.

6. You agree that all contributions and forms of media you submit, which include, but are not limited to, written pieces, photos, music and books, are either:

• Owned by yourself and you authorise Spiritual Wisdom Magazine to use them on the website, any future publications and on the Spiritual Wisdom Daily Edition,

• Are able to be used commercially for free, and Spiritual Wisdom Magazine is authorised to use them in this publication, any future publications and on the Spiritual Wisdom Magazine website.

We will not accept any responsibility for any copyright or ownership infringements made by contributors.

I’ve been a featured writer for Spiritual Wisdom Magazine since its inception. Writing for the magazine is inspiring, uplifting and challenging all at the same time. Nicole’s support as an Editor is beyond compare and she gave me the confidence and encouragement to find my voice and really get to the nitty gritty of what’s important in this world for me. I’ve learn’t so much, both by writing for and being part of the Spiritual Wisdom community. If you have the chance, I’d highly recommend you grasp it with both hands and jump right in! http://joyandresonance.comShan Watts

What you will receive:

Contributors are not paid, but you will score the amazeball goodness that is:

  • Author by line at the end of your contribution.
  • Author photo.
  • Clickable links to your blog, Facebook fan page and Twitter.
  • Exposure to our ever-expanding global audience of 2.5 million hits per month, your article will also be promoted via our Twitter followers, Newspaper Subscribers, 6600+ Fbookers, Googlérs, Pinteresters, Linkindenérs and Instagramers.
  • Bragging rights 😉


• As well as the exposure contributors receive with the website, Spiritual Wisdom Magazine may also further promote contributors via the blog and social media, usually in the form of quotations, author mentions and links via Spiritual Wisdom Daily Edition.

 To further spread the word about your feature in Spiritual Wisdom Magazine, we ask that you share a link to either on your blog or via social media at least twice a week, during the month in which you are featured in an issue.


Future Use:

By submitting a contribution, you give Spiritual Wisdom Magazine permission to re-publish your work as part of content, as well as future paperback publications. For example, as part of a compilation of Annual Spiritual Wisdom Magazine best articles, if it is chosen by our team as one of the best, etc.

Author credit will always be given in any Spiritual Wisdom Magazine guest post(er).

Submission Checklist:

• Full name

• Email address

• Links to your blog, Facebook and Twitter

• Title of your submission

• File attached in word

• Pictures/Photos attached as JPEG or PNG format

• Bio + photo

After reading this document, please send an email to stating that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

*squishy hugs*

Nicole Suzanne Brown

CEO, Editor Spiritual Wisdom Magazine & Spiritual Wisdom Publishing


twitter: SpiritWisdomMag

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