How I came to work with the Akashic Records

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debbie-ritter-oceanscape1As someone who works extensively in the Akashic Records, I am often asked how I got into this in the first place, and I uniformly reply: with great resistance.

Well, that’s not completely true, I got into it before I knew what I was getting into, and THEN the resistance kicked in. But I’ve always believed that resistance is a good sign, an indicator that you’re really onto something.

To back up a bit, I’ve always been a spiritual practitioner of one sort or another, and have covered the basics like Yoga, Buddhism and Shamanism, and the little-more-out- there Course in Miracles, and probably a few others.
In 2011, when I was at a crossroads in my life, I realized that I had useful intuitive ability and decided that I would develop that and see what came of it. I’d had psychic readings, and during this period had a few Akashic Record readings, which were not memorable. I wasn’t interested in past lives as a dog and pony show and I didn’t want someone berating me for my ‘blockages.’ Something must have been niggling at me, though, because in 2012 I decided to get a reading from Linda Howe herself, and that’s when everything changed.

Linda blew my mind with a reading that was intuitively accurate as to details and also full of high-level spiritual wisdom. It was so helpful and left me feeling so much better that I decided on the spot that I wanted to work with Linda more. Up to this point, I had considered myself a private person, and happiest when in my own company, uncomfortable in groups. But I signed up for a five day retreat in southern California that threw me in with 20 other people in intense work.
That retreat put me out of my comfort zone in more ways than one. For one thing our accommodations were in a big house-like center, and we took all meals together. Many of the participants spent all of their free time getting to know one another, some staying up very late in the communal living room. I could hear them at 2 a.m., wondering what on God’s earth did they find to talk about, and how could I get away from them.
My lack of privacy paled in comparison to the inner triggers that got activated as we went deeper into teachings and exercises.

akashic recordsWorking in the Akashic Records is about healing old patterns, learning what spiritual maturity is all about, and above all, learning in a real way what the hell unconditional love really is. But to get there I had to look at what was keeping me from getting there. By the end of that retreat, I was having deep anxiety and fantasies of escape. The Akashic Records were a construct, I told myself, that I wasn’t even sure I even believed in. But, I signed up for more. I went for teacher training.
In the interim, I realized that the anxiety that dogged me from the retreat was unfinished business, and found myself a therapist. Nevertheless as I prepared for the 7-day teacher training, the resistance kicked up again. I got on the phone and told Linda’s assistant that I might not make it. No problem, she said, when it’s right it will happen. The choice was totally mine, the strict teacher was only my projection, it was up to me.
And that’s when I broke through. I realized that I wanted to do this very much and I instinctively knew it would be powerful. And it was. I stopped running in the other direction from my classmates, and got to know them. And during that week, I made the Akashic Records my best friend, and that has continued ever since. That does not mean that I don’t have inner work to do. And it also does not mean that, as much as I love Linda Howe, I no longer look for new teachers. I am still a seeker and always will be. But now everything is done with the support of the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones who are with me in my Records. And as a professional intuitive, it seems my connection to my own Records is continually reinforced by working in the Records of my clients. There is a saying that you know you’re doing the right thing when you get more out of your work then the people you’re helping and I definitely feel that way.

debbie-ritter-profile-pic1Debbie Ritter is a spiritual practitioner who uses her intuitive abilities to help others on their journey.
She is a reader of the Akashic Records and is a Certified Advanced Practitioner and Advanced Teacher using Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer Process©.
She is also an intuitive coach, Tarot reader, psychic medium and Reiki Master.
A lifelong seeker, Debbie brings her extensive background in Yoga, A Course in Miracles, Buddhism and Shamanism to her intuitive work, and believes that each reading is an opportunity for healing, encouragement and a new perspective.
Contact Debbie through Email:

Phone: (international) 360 504 2398

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