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Touched by Divine Love: A Personal Journey Into the Unknown by Samantha Richards

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Touched by Divine Love: A personal Journey Into the Unknown reads very much like the daily edition of Spiritual Wisdom Magazine. In this short but comprehensive and well researched memoir/spiritual guide, author Samantha Richards shares with us her deeply personal and profound spiritual journey before creating a detailed guide designed to offer others hope, healing and spiritual understanding as they move through their own personal experiences.

Samantha’s personal story is quite sad and hard-hitting—at the age of thirty-one she experienced one of the greatest tragedies that any parent expecting a child can face. Her child died during delivery. Deeply, spiritual and struggling to reconcile within herself her ability to see what others cannot, Samantha turned her back on both her Catholic faith and the Spiritual world.

And then, a miracle happened.

Samantha experienced a deeply spiritual and very special kind of healing, which enabled her to stop hating God and to, finally, use the spiritual gifts that she had been blessed with to their full extent. She now works as a medium, developmental leader and a healer and uses her gifts to help others. In Touched by Divine Love she offers readers a comprehensive guide to help others through their own journeys to find hope and to gain more knowledge of spirituality to help themselves and others. Each chapter explains different faucets of spirituality in a way is easy for readers to relate to and understand, regardless of their level of spiritual knowledge. On a personal level, I have found this to be a very friendly, usable resource and one that I will probably refer back to often.

Touched by Divine Love is a both a knowledgeable guide and a touching memoir that can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

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White Feather Book Review – Kathryn White is a book critic, poet and independently published author from Adelaide, South Australia. Her novels include ‘Being Abigail’ and ‘Best Forgotten’. When she isn’t reading or writing (which is hardly ever), you’ll find her indulging in her other passions such as photography and walking on the beach.

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The Spiritual Wisdom FORUM opens 14th Dec – Are you ready to connect?

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