Weekly Angelic Forecast October 26th- November 4th 2014

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Good day beautiful soul. I trust you are doing well! It has been quite the time lately. We have had some big solar flares to help propel us forward in our spiritual paths, 2 eclipses, and Mercury was retrograde! Glad to report the eclipses and retrograde are over for the time being! All that being said, many of us are still feeling vulnerable, and some down right weak. So this week’s Angelic Forecast is all about where to go from here to get through the final part of getting through.

This week’s cards come from the Gaia Oracle card deck by Toni Carmine Salerno


This pretty much sums up where many of us are. Although a lot are feeling the energy shift for the better, we are still coming out of a time of intense healing, which can leave us feeling, tired, vulnerable, and apprehensive. You must know that you are so wise, and that you have gone through the storm. There is no need to fear stepping out into the world as the new you, that you are. You are not the same person that you were 3 weeks ago. Please know that is a beautiful thing. It is almost like we are new born’s just coming into the world. Feeling a needy for the love, comfort, and support of our family. Know you have all you need to gracefully and powerfully walk your new walk, and talk your new talk.


As you step out into the world, the beautiful new you that you are, you will find it to be an incredibly creative time. It is a fertile time. Don’t be afraid to be the light in the dark in your own unique and creative way. Be the beacon others need. Guiding the lost souls safely through the night to a place of peace and security, again I say “You so have what it takes!” Go forth in confidence, go forth in wisdom, go forth even if your legs feel weak. Just go forth trusting and knowing all is well and you are completely capable. 


Wrapping up the week, give yourself a pat on the back. Reflect at all you have overcome. Be proud of yourself. It takes a lot of courage to do what you just did. Don’t think of what more you could have done. I simply want you to embrace all you did do! There is such a beauty and such a power in giving ourselves credit for the small things like we do the big. However it seems that for many if we do not go out and climb the tallest mountain right off the bat, that we will find a way to belittle ourselves and our accomplishments. This is not how it should be. So work on shifting your perspective around that whole thought process.

Until next week I leave you with this little cutie..


If you are having trouble navigating this energy, please contact me from the information below to book a session. I have a few openings remaining to work with you. Until next week, I am beaming you with light, love, laughter, and joy.

In blessed light and love,

Jamie and her angels. 


Rev. Jamie Streett is a wife extraordinaire, momma bear to a 10 year old independent child, and ally to the animals. She is a Spiritual Jill of all trades, with vast training in many healing modalities. She is passionate about all things holistic living & health. After a long battle with anxiety, she decided to not shy away from her intuitive abilities and has now taken back her power and purpose in life. It has become her passion to help others do the same. “Laughter truly is the best medicine, your past has hurt enough, your healing shouldn’t have to.”

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