Weekly Angelic Forecast October 19th-25th 2014

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Hello beautiful souls, how are you holding up? At the time of me writing this, the sun is awakening again which can cause some wonky feelings to arise physically and mentally. If you are feeling tired, irritated, agitated, and just shaky and nutty…It’s all good, it’s only the energy. 

This weeks Angelic Forecast the angels guided me to the following cards From the Gaia Oracle card deck by Toni Carmine Salerno:


I love this card to start off the weeks Angelic Forecast, look at the words: Enchanted Forest- Mystery, Magic, Excitement! I don’t know about you but I do feel the energy taking a turn for the better. We are coming out of the “shock” and into the surprise. It is not always comfortable but it is so worth it in the end. This has by far been one of the most powerful eclipse seasons we have encountered in a while. I tend to look at it as a roller coaster, We have hopped on, we went down a little hill, went up a bigger one, and then climbed the peak to the highest part of it. We are now coasting down the hill into the final resting point on this ride and preparing to exit from it. I don’t know about you, but this is one ride I’m ready to hop off of! 


Now we come into the healing, it’s not surprise that there is still some intense healing going on and there is another tree in this card as well as the 1st one. It is still vital to calm the energies that we get out in nature. Hug those trees baby! Get out and find “your tree” if you don’t have one already. Ask your higher power to show you where to find your special healing tree. I have to tell you, for the longest time, I thought people were…well nuts for hugging trees or sitting under them to ground and heal…until I became one of “those weirdo’s” too. There is something so powerful and unexplainable that allowing your energy to flow into a tree to be transfused and transmused into light and love does for you on every level. It is so healthy and grounding. I find myself doing it more and more the “buzzier” my body feels. So go for it, and see how you make out with it. 


What a beautiful card to end the weeks Angelic Forecast on, we started with the moon and the eclipse energy. We are now ending with the suns warming energy. A new day has risen and been born, along with a new you. Allow it to fill your heart, your mind, and your soul with a peace unlike you have ever known before. The angels and Divine want you to know that you are never alone. They are with you always. All you have to do is ask them to come in. In times like this it can feel down right terrifying for some and completely hopeless and helpless for others. Yet others excel, and my guidance tells me, these are the ones who are calling on guidance. There is nothing to be ashamed of in doing so. We were not put on this earth here and now to go it alone. Just because you don’t see the spiritual beings of light and love, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Ask, Believe, and receive. You are exactly where you are meant to be, at the right place and right time to grow and thrive in this life. 

If you are having trouble navigating this energy, please contact me from the information below. I have a few openings remaining to work with you. Until next week, I am beaming you with light, love, laughter, and joy.

In blessed light and love,

Jamie and her angels. 


Rev. Jamie Streett is a wife extraordinaire, momma bear to a 10 year old independent child, and ally to the animals. She is a Spiritual Jill of all trades, with vast training in many healing modalities. She is passionate about all things holistic living & health. After a long battle with anxiety, she decided to not shy away from her intuitive abilities and has now taken back her power and purpose in life. It has become her passion to help others do the same. “Laughter truly is the best medicine, your past has hurt enough, your healing shouldn’t have to.”

If you would like to work with Jamie she can be reached at the following:


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