Weekly Angelic Forecast July 19th-25th 2014

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  Hello my loves, how are you this fabulous day? Things are awesome here, I love it when I stay in the flow of love, light, and abundance in all areas.

  So last week was all about finding out authentic selves, and when I tuned into guidance for what to write about this week, the angels told me go to the cards, so I did….and it’s all about love love love….love of self. You see when we get back to our authentic selves, even though it’s right in every way, we sometimes have to get reacquainted with ourselves. Not everyone has an easy time with it, especially those who were conditioned and told time and time again to be a certain way. So this week we are going to work on making the transition easier, because this is such an important important thing to be in place, so everything else just flows in naturally.

embrace your uniqueness___

Sunday and Monday- You guessed it, it’s time to fall in love with your authentic self.  Take some time to sit back with you, and see what it is that you have found you forgot you loved so much, it is ok to love yourself you know! What are your crazy little quirks that you tried to suppress because it may not be deemed “acceptable” by society? Bring it out, embrace it! It is your special thing that makes you uniquely you! I always tend to put my foot in my mouth…I never mean any harm if something comes out wrong, but if it does, if I take the time to explain a new and better relationship tends to come out of it, and if not definitely a good laugh and story to tell!

Tuesday and Wednesday Going with in, take some time to tap into your heart center, see what else is ready to emerge and be shown to the world, that is yours and yours alone. Again, this is about breaking the mold, not fitting into one. The world needs your special shine, your unique light shines differently than anyone else’s so that when combined with the lights of others, a beautiful beautiful light shines. The light that only the Divine creator could allow to happen, think about that…take a moment and try to get visual on what that light would look like, then see your light in it. What does it look like, how bright does it shine???

Thursday and Friday- Is all about reflection. How much has changed in this short time, how much more continues to change, and what else will you eventually change to get in alignment with your authentic self? Do you have any issue you need to resolve? Take a moment to recognize and acknowledge it, write it down if need be, so one by one you can mark it off the list.

Saturday-  You guessed it, it’s you day! However this one has a little spin on it. Remember that list from Thursday and Friday, I want you to get it out and find a fun way to start checking things off of it. If possible I want you to do a release ceremony, you can do this one of two ways, yes of course a 3rd if you have your own way of releasing, whatever works just do it. For those of you who aren’t sure how to do it, here are 2 ways:

1- Get some balloons, write down what you want to release and let them float away into the air. Taking your messages through the universe, so that it can be released and transfused into light and love.

2- You can also just write it down and burn baby burn! Burn it and while doing so see it all dissipate into the golden flame, the golden light and love to be again transmuted into light and love.

This weeks actions steps:

  • Fall in love with your quirks
  • Tap into your heart center
  • Reflect
  • Release


  If you find you are having trouble with any of the steps this week, feel free to contact me, using the information below. I am always here to help you get clarity on whatever it is that you need, so that you can truly live in alignment with your highest good. 

Until next time loves-

In blessed light and love,

Jamie & her angels

Jamie Streett Angelic Soul Food reader

Jamie streett profile :Jamie Streett is a minister and angel communication master. Being born a crystaline in this life she is here to help souls heal and live in alignment with their highest good. She works as an Angelic Life Minister, Angelic Life Coach, Angel Communicator, EFT Practitioner, EmoTrance Practitioner, Human Design Specialist, and Hypnotherapist. She is certified through Angels Teach University, and licensed through the AMT. She feels laughter truly is the best medicine and takes the approach to make healing the most fun possible. You have hurt enough in the past, your healing shouldn’t have to.

If you would like to work with Jamie she can be found at the following:


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Jamie Streett

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