Weekly Angelic Forecast July 13th-19th 2014

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  Hello there beautiful souls, how are are you this amazing day? All is well here, I am fresh off my full moon release ceremony with my husband and son, and we really had a ball with it this time. I love how the angels work, because the reason why is so tied into the message they have given to share this week.

  This week and so on actually is all about being your authentic self. My family and I have been working on this the past week or so now, and wow, what a freeing feeling. There is so much power in being your true self. Not everyone will like it when you do it and that can at 1st bring a little bit of an uncomfortable energy through, but the more you do it, and they more in alignment you are with your authentic self, it truly won’t bother you. I have been met with a few comments or statements that didn’t feel so good, and I got a little upset at 1st. So what I did was have a serious talk with my angels about it and why it bothers me so. The answer was I’m still getting used to my authentic self, the more confidence and knowing I have in me and who I am, the less an less things people do or say will bother me. We all are here for different purposes and paths, and they may not always mesh well together on the surface, but if you are confident in yourself and your truth, and respect the fact and allow people to truly be their authentic self, the vibrational energy will align subconsciously and there won’t be any issues. So with that, it is on to the cards for this week.

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Sunday and Monday- What are you fears, what is blocking you from being your authentic self? It’s time to get real and stop bull sh!tting yourself. Our fears can be so strong they can convince us they are true, and that is “just how we are”, when in reality it is not and is the furthest thing from the truth. I worked with a client this week who said she didn’t know what her soul was telling her to do and I asked her simply, “Is it that you truly don’t know, or are you too scared to admit what you need to do?” You can guess her answer was “I am scared sh!tless and I don’t think I can do it”. So again this is time to get real, and leave the fears behind.

Tuesday and Wednesday- Now that you know what your fears and blocks are, it is time to start de-cluttering, What thoughts, what habits, what patterns, what things in your environment do you need to get rid of to stand in your authenticity? It makes the path a lot easier to walk when it is clear of debris and clutter.

Thursday and Friday-  These are the days you take the 1st steps in your journey of being your authentic self. Remember be gentle with yourself these are baby steps. Pick one thing each day to do. Is there a certain way you like to wear your hair that someone around you doesn’t like but you love? Is there a material item you love but are too afraid to tell, because people might thing you are weird? Are you ready to share a spiritual based post but don’t want to because your other religion friends might doom you to hell? These are some examples of small thing you can do daily or weekly if need to start walking in your authentic shoes.

Saturday- You guessed it is reward day! Treat your AUTHENTIC self to something special today. Be sure to take it easy, have fun, and let your hair down for once, it won’t hurt a thing, and you just may find that is a part of your authentic self!

This Weeks Action Steps:

  • Get real with who your authentic self is.
  • De-clutter
  • Baby steps
  • Reward

  So there you have it loves, another adventurous week ahead. I know coming into the authentic you can be a scary thing. I am always available to help with coaching or reading sessions. Please use the contact information below to schedule and appointment with me.

Have an amazing week dolls…..

In blessed light and love,

Jamie & her angels

Jamie Streett Angelic Soul Food reader

Jamie streett profile :Jamie Streett is a minister and angel communication master. Being born a crystaline in this life she is here to help souls heal and live in alignment with their highest good. She works as an Angelic Life Minister, Angelic Life Coach, Angel Communicator, EFT Practitioner, EmoTrance Practitioner, Human Design Specialist, and Hypnotherapist. She is certified through Angels Teach University, and licensed through the AMT. She feels laughter truly is the best medicine and takes the approach to make healing the most fun possible. You have hurt enough in the past, your healing shouldn’t have to.

If you would like to work with Jamie she can be found at the following:


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  1. Jamie Streett July 14, 2014 at 3:49 pm - 

    Thanks some much Nicole, it’s an honor and pleasure to be able to assist in this awesome time of transformation for you!!!

    Big hugs xo,

  2. nicole July 13, 2014 at 4:14 pm - 

    Thank you SOOO much for this weekly forecast Jamie!!! Having worked with you just the last couple of days, I have been able to shift the sh!t (as it were) and have felt so much more freer and yes strong in the core of my authentic self.
    You rock!!!!!
    *squishy hugs*

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