Unexpected Advice from A Most Unlikely Spirit Guide

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Unexpected Advice from A Most Unlikely Spirit Guide
By Deah Curry PhD

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The other day I had the most amazing conversation with a small, gray, ordinary rock. Normally I stick to chatting with computer screens, and once in a while a tree, a horse, or a two-legged being in my world. But a rock, yep, this was special.

SpiritRock — I shall call it that, as it surely had intelligence and presence and deserves a name – had traveled a ways to find me. Plucked from a grassy suburban park by a 18-month-old child, it whispered to the babygirl, “Give me to your nanny.” And to the nanny SpiritRock said, “Take me to Deah.” To me, SpiritRock said, “Ask me your question.”

How it knew I had a question I don’t know – I forgot to ask that! But as I had spent the whole of last year pursuing the well kept secret of who my father really is, and having no luck in finding out, I did indeed have a pressing question. So I asked SpiritRock what would change for me if I knew for certain who my father was.

Now one thing you have to know about talking to rocks is that their language is projected from their appearance and your interpretation of its shape, its pits and streaks, its sparkles and so on.  And they literally present you with several sides to an answer for your consideration. So the conversation is one of observing and making meaning.

For example, SpiritRock’s top side is trapezoidal in shape, which led to me think that knowing who my father was might trap me in some way. There is a shallow crack running across the bottom of this side, which gave me the thought that if I get to the bottom of the mystery, something will crack open. SpiritRock has several concentric bands of white decorating this top side, suggesting that there are layers upon layers of truths to be told.

In my conversation, I had intended to observe an edge side next when SpiritRock rock fell over on its back, surprising me with a natural, carved feature on its smooth bottom side that was an unmistakable image of a bison from the American West. The bison’s head is a darker shade of gray than the rest of this side, giving the bison a colored face which I interpreted as the blush of embarrassment. That signaled to me that if it is known who my father was, the knowledge be embarrassing for many.

As a final bit of wisdom, SpiritRock implanted this thought in my mind: Humans are drawn to rock gardens and stacks of river or beach stones because some indigenous consciousness still vibrates within us like a spiritual vestigial organ. That part of us remembers when we used to talk to the natural world and understand the Spirits speaking back to us.

How to Talk to Your Own Spirit Guide Rock

balance rocksStep 1: Start with holding in your mind a request for a spirit guide rock to find you. Meditate on that request until the idea of where to look pops into your brain.

Step 2: Discern which rock is your guide by asking for an inner sense of rightness, or for a clear YES in your language, or some other sign of agreement. If you aren’t certain of your internal ability to discern, a pendulum can help distinguish between yes and no.

Step 3: Offer respect and gratitude for your guide’s willingness to converse with you before asking for information. Then ask one single, simple, clear question, and keep that question in your mind as you listen with your observations.

Step 4: Begin your observations by noting the shape and size of your guide. Make a note about whatever the shape and size might mean in relation to your question. Then look carefully for differences in color and any distinguishing marks or features of the guide rock. Make notes on each one, and associate each to a possible message that relates to your question.

Step 5: Offer more respect and thanks for your guide’s information. Then extract the messages and meanings you noted and consider them in the context of your question.

Finally, as tempting as it will be to take your spirit guide home with you for further consultation, it would be wise to ask it if wishes to go with you. More than likely it would rather not become your possession. It does have a life of its own.

deah profile picDeah Curry PhD is a Seattle-based shamanic coach.  She is the author of many articles, several books, and the ebook Creating Sanity in Troubling Times for Kindle.  Deah is also an intuitive reader and psychological astrologer for .

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  1. nicole January 14, 2014 at 1:35 pm - 

    What did the quartz tell you? Share woman, so we can celebrate in your quirky uniqueness 🙂

  2. Jamie January 14, 2014 at 1:29 pm - 

    I love this, I once had a conversation with a quartz in my yard thought I was losing it! lol

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