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There is nothing more comfortable then snuggling on the couch and getting really hooked in to a fantastic spiritual tv series, that makes you think, makes you react, makes you fall in love and allows you to live vicariously through others, if only for 52 min & 49 secs each week.

The following list is my favorite Top 10 Tv shows with a Spiritual Meaning.

Some you may have seen already (hello! the eighties were AWESOME!!) and others are new released series for this year (2014) that just may be what you need in your life right now. 

So TA-DA! my favourite (and soon to be favourite) Top 10 Spiritual Tv Shows are as follows:

#1 – Quantum Leap (1989 – 1993) – available on DVD 

Ok, I KNOW it’s an old series, but THIS series really made me dream out loud of Quantum Physics, Parallel Universes and the relevance of the space time continuum.. I know deep right? 

#2 Star Trek – Voyager & Deep Space Nine (available on DVD)

I wouldn’t be a true Trekkie if I didn’t have Star Trek (the original) and the spin off series in this list. If you just scoffed and wondered what on earth Star Trek has to do with spirituality of any kind, be prepared for your MIND. TO. BE. BLOWN.

Read this here <— See.. MIND. BLOWN!!

#3 Proof (2014 –

I cannot WAIT for this show to start! Jennifer Beals (from Flashdance and The L Word fame) plays Katherine  a skeptical, hard-science, female surgeon,  who has been struggling with family issues, including a tragic death. She is persuaded by Matthew Modine’s character, Ivan Turin, a multi billionaire with the resources to investigate cases of reincarnation, out-of-body experiences, hauntings —  looking for verifiable proof to answer one of life’s greatest questions: Is death truly the end, or is there something else beyond? How. Awesome. Does. It. Look??

#4 Constantine (2014 –

Based on the awesome movie with the same name (you know, the one starring Keanu Reeves), this looks fantastic and I must watch it with all the lights on, preferably during the day, with someone else in the house (yes, I’m a whoose, BUT that doesn’t stop me from watching adrenaline spiked awesome graphics and brilliant acting). Put this on your MUST> WATCH> list. I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint.

#5 Charmed (1998 – 2006) Available on DVD (currently shown on Channel 11 in Australia)

Ahhh the Halliwell sisters! Don’t be fooled by the crappy Trailer for season 1, this series lasted 7 series and is chock full of symbolism. Starring our very own Aussie actor Julian McMahon the series is about the story of three estranged sisters,  descendants of a long line of witches and destined to be ‘the power of three’. Think energy, witches, romance, fashion and humour and you have a great series. You ‘may’ even fall back in love with Shannon Doherty (of 90210 fame).

#6 Joan of Arcadia (2003 – 2005)

Ok, first I need to start off with a total disclaimer. I’ve never watched this show, nor had I heard of it until I asked one of my best friends what they would choose as a cool spiritual tv show. He (surprisngly) said Joan of Arcadia.. After much Imdbíng and Youtubing I must say I am intrigued. This is what Imdb has to say about the show:

“Millions of people speak to God. What if God spoke back? Life just got a hell of a lot more confusing for teenage Joan Girardi, who already deals with feeling out of place in her family : her police chief father, her somewhat overbearing mother, her geeky younger brother and former football star older brother, now paralyzed. They’d never believe her if she told them that God is talking to her. Does Joan have a higher purpose on earth, or are these strange conversations just in her head?” IMDB

I have a HUGE connection with Joan of Arc (the chick kicked ass!!), so I will be *cough* viewing this at my earliest convienence. If you yourself are a fan, be sure to let me (and the other squishies) know…

#7 Lost Girl ( 2010 –

Fan Girl Alert!!!! Love, love, LOVE this show!!! It’s funny, sexy, tinged in symbolism and fantasy, and has a loyal following that you will not believe (go on, hashtag Lost Girl on ANY social media platform if you don’t believe me).
The show centers around BO, a wayward hottie who, luck would have it, is a succubus, feeding off human energy (we all know what THAT’s like right??). Bo and her sidekick Kenzi, (played by the adorable and hilarious Ksenia Solo) and her band of Fae – yup.. FINALLY the energy of the FAE of a voice!! This Canadian made show is not one to miss.. and **DISCLAIMER** this show is NOT for young viewers, being that it has a high level of sex scenes, but if you’re an adult with an open mind, all I can say is yooouuurrr welcome!!! 🙂

#8 Forever (2014 –

Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd – Fantastic Four’s “stretch” if he looks familiar), is a 200 year old man working in the New York City Morgue as the head Mortician, who apparently can not die. When he does die, he wakes, naked, in water. Sounds weird right? BUT, have a look at the new trailer that’s been released and I think you may, like I am, become intrigued at what this show can do. TOTALLY has a Bones/Castle element to it, so I’m sure it will be quirky in some ways with a bit more action mixed in.  I remain optimistic on this one.. Looks like it could have potential.

#9 Perception (2012 –

Eric McCormack plays Daniel Pearce, a brilliant professor at one of the leading Universities in the U.S. He teaches Neuro Science and is a schizophrenic. Each episode starts and ends with Daniel Pearce in front of his University class, teaching us all what and how amazing our brain and perception of life/reality is. Daniel is not only a brilliant professor but helps the federal government solve complex criminal cases. THIS is all ready a favourite of mine, and Eric McCormack is just BRILLIANT in this role.  Do yourselves a favour. Watch this. (You’ll be blown away by series 1’s finale!! – I was thinking about it weeks later!)

#10 What’s your favourite? Yup! I’m leaving the top ten over to you! Tell me in the comments your favourite tv show with a spiritual theme/twist/message. If the same show is favourite that will our #10!!

Love this list? Then you’ll love my Top Ten Spiritual Movies lists HERE and HERE!

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