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STTS-SWMag-header“Switchboard to the Stars” with Madeleine St. Jacques

The Lyrans have given us a Bounty of Blessings for this New Moon in Leo on July 26. Perfect timing too, as the surf has been choppy {and will continue to be until the time of the Fall Equinox I’m told.}  No worries, though because these encodement energies provide some powerful support – the strongest tool yet! Truly, a profound gift from the Lyrans 

So, buckle up my loves and get ready to receive a bounty of blessings and healing support!

 * Stillness and Strength – You are the Mountain and You are the Sanctuary within It. * 

Target Areas/Benefits:

  • Third Eye
  • Second Chakra
  • Heart Chakra/Heart Space: Connecting Heart and Mind; Instant Attitude Adjustment
  • Throat – speaking your deepest truth and connecting with your inner divinity; erasing the illusion that Divinity is something outside of yourself, separate from you

There are so many applications for this encodement – more so than any previous activation I’ve received. 


Sit Back, Relax, and Allow

After completing the initial activation, this is a tool you can use as needed. But I have to advise you to allow yourself at least 30 minutes, undisturbed, in a peaceful quiet space…perhaps before going to bed or when you first wake up in the morning. This is some deeply transformational energy here my friends. So please give yourself the time necessary to allow this process to unfold in the way that is most needed for you.
What I’m noticing also is that it stays with you, like a computer program that runs in the background while you’re doing other tasks.

  1. Feeling stuck or replaying past events over and over again? – this will help you remain rooted in the present and ready to move forward…diffusing the reactivity of the past and diffusing the charge of past events.
  2. Feeling more reactive than you’d like? This activation will assist you in being more responsive and discerning.
  3. Gives voice to what’s in your heart and soul space. Let’s face it, our minds often steal the show– chattering away, yes? At times overriding or overpowering the wisdom and whispers of our souls and hearts.
  4. How’s your connection to the Divine? Whatever reasons or roadblocks you may have had in the past that prevented a connection with your Divinity, this tool will address them.
  5. What stories have you been telling yourself lately about whatever issues are at hand for you presently? This encodement provides a space of such deep stillness and presence you may find yourself asking “well, what was all that fuss and confusion about?” It’s like stepping into a space where all illusions just fall away.



 We are coming to you now to discuss a matter of supreme importance. To help you feel more at peace in a world that is not peaceful at the moment. But you are Peaceful, dear ones. You can remain anchored in love – in fact it is important for you to do so …now, as ever, for the foreseeable future. Consider it a job like your daily work where it is a thing that you practice until it is mastered. For it is most important at this time, dear ones that you keep yourselves filled with hope, with passion, with light, with love for all humanity regardless of what you perceive as right or wrong here in the current atmosphere of events. 

new headshot(2)Madeleine St. Jacques is a conscious channel, writer, and artist skilled in Energy Healing, Coaching/Personal Development, and Awakening insight and intuition in others. She receives and shares energetic transmissions of encoded images, symbols, and artwork designed to activate a process of deep awareness and healing with joy, gentleness, and ease. Madeleine’s passion is helping you find a place of peace that we all have within us. Learn more about Madeleine and her work, here: 


Twitter: @alchemyarts74

Interested in working more closely with these amazing encodements and activations? Would you like to co-create your own personal tools to work with? Book a reading with Madeleine and get the celestial support you need.

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Madeleine St Jacques

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