Switchboard to the Stars with Madeleine St. Jacques

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“Switchboard to the Stars” with Madeleine St. Jacques.

Paintbrush with Blue Paint

Each week I will bring you a new encodement and new symbols, each with a different purpose.

This week’s focus is a simple and direct: Peace. Calm. Stillness.  A valuable tool to have on hand these days, yes?


Source: The Pleiadians


“It is a doorway to the temple of the gods – Your temple.

Your own Divine interior space.

With freedom and ease will you slip into this space…there for you whenever you need it.”

Application/How to Use: Stills the mind; calms anxiety and racing thoughts; Calms and Grounds; use as a Meditation Aid. Do you have a quiet space in your home to sit and just “be”? Hang it there or keep accessible when you feel yourself tensing or you’re in spin mode. Also creates a space for creative expression.


Whether you look at it onscreen or print it out, it’s equally effective. Try tracing the lines of the symbols with your fingertips. Allow yourself to be drawn into the space that has been created and is being held for you, here.

madeleine new headshot(2)Madeleine St. Jacques is a conscious channel, writer, and artist skilled in Energy Healing, Coaching/Personal Development, and Awakening insight and intuition in others.

She receives and shares energetic transmissions of encoded images, symbols, and artwork designed to activate a process of deep awareness and healing with joy, gentleness, and ease.

Madeleine’s passion is helping you find a place of peace that we all have within us.

Learn more about Madeleine and her work, here:


 Twitter: @alchemyarts74

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