Support for Seasonal Depression: Light Therapy and Human Design

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Support for Seasonal Depression: Light Therapy & Human Design

by Madeleine St. Jacques


Here in the northern hemisphere we’ve shifted into Fall. It is truly a glorious time of the year. We enjoy the crisp, cool weather and the beautiful foliage. But with that comes shorter days, and frankly, it’s dark as hell in the morning. How are you supposed to hop out of bed and start your day with vim and vigor when it looks and feels like it’s 4 in the morning?

The change in season signals a change in rhythm that can impact how we carry out our daily routines. Now, if you are a “rhythmic” person – someone who enjoys and/or needs a steady routine and structure and perhaps doesn’t flow so easily with changes to said routine – you’re going to feel this in a more pronounced way. Some folks adjust to these shifts with ease and for others it can be a little rough.

If you are struggling with this, I’d like to offer you a couple of tools and a fresh perspective to help support you. (I should say at this point, however, that if you feel you are struggling with symptoms of depression, by all means seek professional counsel). The tools I’m going to talk about are a wonderful adjunct to whatever supports you may already have in place.

Break out those sun lamps y’all!

If you find that you or someone you know is having a challenging time with seasonal changes, using a sun lamp can be very therapeutic. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and you can enjoy the benefits while you’re exercising, checking your email, surfing the web, or reading a book.

This is what we’re using in my house. It’s the Verilux VT-20  and do you know what? It literally says “Happy Light” on the back, so you can’t go wrong with this one. {Note: I am not receiving any compensation for this – no kickbacks, etc. Just sharing tools and presenting you with options.}



This is truly an instance where knowing your Human Design and familiarity with your own energy map can really assist you. Because once you know which energies you’re dealing with in your chart, you can start coming up with strategies.

One of the things I love most about Human Design is how it can account for so many nuances of your personality. It’s all right there on paper – your very own operating instructions. In a way, your chart is like a genetic map and tells the story of your personal journey.

There are markers and indicators for all sorts of things in the Human Design system; intuition, prosperity, life purpose, and your gifts and talents – to name just a few. There are even indicators for mental health. What if you knew that you were literally designed to be moody? Or that you are wired to perhaps experience mental pressure or certain fears? How might that shift things for you? There are certain gates and channels of energy that can express themselves as melancholy or a tendency towards depression. If you are “emotionally defined” did you know that you can experience up to 3 different types of “emotional waves”? Some waves are gentle; some are a bit more intense. Again, with awareness you can begin to track them, discover what your triggers might be. and come up with an action plan for when they hit. Having a fresh take on your mood and mental health can be very liberating and even help you change the story you might have been telling yourself about what you’re going through or have experienced in the past.

5-15ChannelLet me give you an example. Earlier, I brought up the idea of ‘rhythm’. There is an energy gate in the Human Design chart – Gate 5 – called “fixed rhythm”. If this energy is active in your chart, it indicates that you’re someone who needs a daily routine and that even in the face of change, you need to maintain your rhythm. In fact, upholding this rhythm can create a sense of peace and ease for you. Spending time with your pets and connecting with nature can be very therapeutic and grounding for those who carry this energy as well. Boy Hugging Golden Retriever

So, to be clear I am not suggesting that Human Design should replace professional treatment or interventions. What I am offering you is a way to start seeing this differently for yourself and a tool to get off the shame, guilt, blame, and worry treadmill.

It’s a way that you can support yourself and it provides your family and friends a means to more deeply understand you.

To read more about the symptoms, patterns and treatment for seasonal depression click here.

Wishing you Peace in Mind, Body, and Spirit,




new headshot(2)Madeleine St. Jacques is a Parenting Coach and Educator helping individuals and families create success, harmony, and peace in their lives. She is also an artist, writer, and Certified Human Design Specialist.

Whether you’re looking to create a customized stress-busting tool kit, or accelerate your evolutionary growth & development; she’s got just the thing. You determine the topics and you set the pace.

Madeleine’s passion is connecting you with practical, innovative resources & strategies that work. Tools that give you the inspiration and confidence you need to successfully shift the way you work, parent, and relate to your family, friends (and yourself!).

To start creating success, harmony and peace in your life connect with Madeleine, here:


Twitter: @alchemyarts74

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