Be a success with Scentsy in New Zealand

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Be a Success with Scentsy in New Zealand!!

Do you live in New Zealand, want to be successful and make every dream a reality?

Scentsy has taken Australia by storm and now it’s New Zealand’s turn! Be a success with Scentsy! Join March 10th via

Scentsy is launching in New Zealand March 10th! And you could be one of the first to hit the ground running!

Scentsy has a FREAKIN AMAZING reputation for not only great product but great compensation plans with flexible workable hours!

I joined Scentsy just 4 months ago, and it has literally changed my life (and my bank balance!)
If you are looking for a way to earn some extra money or know of some one that this would be the PERFECT fit for.. send me an email at

*please pin & share on your wall to those who would be interested to help me spread the word!

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