To strive beyond struggle

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The acquaintance with struggle diagnoses fear with a diagram; like a chained sequential cause and affect. A hidden trauma will be linked to the memory it reflects through our eyes in the day-to-day forces. These may raise or hinder our path to self-discovery. From lucid visions to dreams of self-death, the shift in awareness compels us to dive deeper into our urges and release a healing sound in our vibration.

This pleasant creativity we withhold is the transforming seed of our soul in contempt of past dues or guilty pleads. It strives beyond struggle, toward a heavenly palace without any self-governance. The rules, which we bind our feet to cause a delay in our proposed lively adventures. The cruelty of our struggles strikes our minds with the illusion of ‘impossibility’. That hardened opposition between realities vs. dreams is overcome with an opening of an awareness that exposes oneness.

SamerAbboushiWith a preferred supposition we can experience the naturalistic beauty as our own. For instance, our breath transports emotions from sadness to happiness with the glimpse of a crescent moon. The alertness, which composes us to sing, stretches our upper heart to release the tension off our back. The practices we develop serve to meditate on our relationship to nature, and as a gift in return the self is in no desolation but keenly experiencing the miracles of our own ability to love freely.

The diagnostics of our minds merely construct our stance to perform life as an organisation. The tools are required, while the intuition shifts the mechanical parts at a lighter gear. There is only purpose with heightened senses; for they balance the entire vessel for our soul to expose its identity at its purest form. Expression of our ultimate voice could appear as silence to others; like the peaceful knowing we exchange through our eyes.

To struggle with expression is the realisation of our mind and heart’s interactive struggle. If the fear is prolonged it will stick until the self cannot bear it. This would require anger to direct it completely out of our vessel. The key with oneness is that our experiences with struggle is no longer are against us. It serves to keep us awake, and developed. Without them, we pause while the earth around us becomes a threat. The invisibility of the self cannot instruct others toward the lightness of themselves. Self must have purpose, or life is not able to continue evolving.

Quite simply our desires can ensure our options and our decisions. And quite harshly we can choose to throw them away. With the neglect, the teacher appears and so does the lessons. Life trains us until we love ourselves enough to accept what we desire. Our hearts are then strung back into innocence; the reception for gifts from the universe. This could be the return of a soul mate relationship or a creative idea that only lets us realise we have a ratio within, that can weigh out all odds with positivity. The levels again direct us to continue, and to never pause unless we are recognising nature and bearing more beauty to sink through us. That heightened fatigue which comes with abundance acknowledges the single moment, and passes through the next like magic.

Love is constant with magic, which requires nothing more or less. No greyness lives there, and fear becomes an observation of an erased diagram.

Self_PictureSoha Jagger is a channel through meditation, writing pieces that unlock the wisdom behind the awakening of  man and consciousness.  

She is also an attuned Reiki Healer, and completed a diploma in freelance writing.

You can contact Soha through Facebook

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