Tell Me A Story…Not – written by Paulissa Kipp

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Tell Me A Story.  .  .Not
written by Paulissa Kipp

Stories -the opening of the heart, mind and mouth.  Stories tug at the conscience and the heartstrings.  Whether in the form of a well-written essay, editorial, sizzling beach read, steamy romance, inspirational biography – stories have the power to anger, heal, inspire curiosity, joy, sadness or action.  But what does the truth do?

When meeting someone who has overcome obstacles, changed his or her life or enjoyed a modicum of success, the burning question is often phrased as “So what’s your story?”  Not “What is your truth, but what is your story?”  Are each of us living fiction?  Of course not.  We live truth each and every second of our lives.  We may tell stories in the form of lies or exaggerations and we may delude ourselves regularly, but we LIVE truth.

speak the truth even if your voice shakesAn interesting dichotomy occurs when verbiage is changed from using the term story to using the term truth.  Speakers, writers and creatives often clam up when asked to tell their truth.  Yet truth-telling is one of the most healing experiences we can have.

When I first began speaking openly about life as a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault as well as the challenges and blessings of mental health issues, many asked me about my “story” and many more squirmed when I told them my TRUTHS.  Truth can make others uncomfortable, make others pity you, inspire others and even make some people vitriolic.  I have been called a “negative Nellie” for sharing what the tougher days are like, self-aggrandizing when things are going well, selfish when I passionately practice self-care but rarely have I been called authentic.  That’s OK; at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what others call me.

cup of courageI don’t tell my truth for the benefit of others.  I tell it because many of the most important life lessons I know have come because of struggle.  I tell my truth to help myself heal.  I tell my truth because strength lives in passionate vulnerability.  I tell my truth because the Uni-verse blesses me and kisses my cheek each time I move through discomfort and face my truth.  I tell my truth because advocacy needs the truth, unvarnished.  I tell my truth because I have been silent for too long.  I tell my truth because it is a core value for me.  No more running away from myself.  Our selves are the best detectives anyway ;0)
They always find us and confront us with our truths.  I tell my truth because it is part of being intuitive.

Intuition is not about mysticism.  I believe that intuition is about core values.  When our core values are not in alignment, depression, frustration and resentment rear their ugly heads.  If each of us can contribute to our own discomfort by not being authentic, we can also choose to lessen our discomfort by being authentic and vulnerable.

Drink deeply from your cup of courage and tell your truth, proudly and often.  Your truth matters and the world needs to hear it.


PaulissaPaulissa Kipp is a Creative BraveHeart documenting the beautiful, curious and often overlooked.

“There is something sacred about taking pen to paper, listening to our spirit voice and moving where it leads us. When we listen to that voice, we learn where love lives. The Creative Link course can help to reconnect you with that spirit.

For more information, please visit or email Paulissa at

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