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books we lurveStart living your life your way with the help of my ebooks  just 99c each!

The Wee Little Book of Awesome – ebook. Create the life you want to live by manifesting and pulling from the Universe the experience you want! 

In this 16 page pdf you will learn: *Why it is sooo important to Breathe. *Why it is sooo important to Love yourself & put yourself first. *Why it is sooo important to celebrate EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

eBook - The Wee Little Book of Awesome
eBook - The Wee Little Book of Awesome
Price: $2.99

The Creativity Workbook – ebook. Learn tips on how to embrace your creative side by letting go of self judgement and procrastination!

eBook - The Creativity Workbook
eBook - The Creativity Workbook
Price: $2.99

Passing through Time – Conversations with the Other Side – ebook. A conversation between sister and brother a short time after his untimely death. Learn what others see when they have passed over. How to heal from disease. How to manifest what you need in your life and more.

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