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Spiritual Wisdom
Ask Four Times!

Email TMI 174There are many forms of spiritual wisdom, from the deeply philosophical to simple truths. Sometimes a spiritual practice simply enhances our day to day lives, and sometimes it expands our view of reality to far-reaching perspectives that can yield extraordinary experiences.

I have been blessed to be exposed to a considerable amount of spiritual wisdom throughout my life. I believe that much of what I have been exposed to can be life-altering for anyone willing to venture into similar work. A simple exercise I enjoy sharing with people is perfect for introducing them to yet untapped, expanded reality perspectives. I call it the “Ask Four Times” magic. It requires that you believe amazing things are possible. It also requires that you earnestly, strongly and passionately desire what you ask for. Then there is the matter of intent. Intention is another way of saying focus or will. If you use your intent like a laser, almost anything can come to pass in your life.

The exercise is very basic and straightforward, as is the case with most powerful magic. It begins with deciding what you want. You are urged to choose a simple thing. You may say, “I would like to find my lost notebook,” “I would like to receive guidance on how to find a better job,” or “I want to find ways to improve my relationship.” Anything along these lines is good to start with. Later you can work up to more challenging issues. Once you have decided on a goal you need to write it down in one concise sentence, in the present tense. Then you read this sentence aloud four times at four different times of the day. Four times at breakfast, four times at lunch, four times at supper and most importantly four times aloud right before you go to sleep.

As soon as you begin the exercise, make sure you remain open and expect an answer. It will come to you! Sometimes on the first night, sometimes on the twentieth, you are likely to have a dream that will supply you with your answer. If the answer does not come to you this way, a book might fall off a shelf, or some stranger you meet will say something that is exactly what you need to hear. This exercise serves as a very simple way to broaden your understanding of possibilities, and the untapped power of an expanded view of reality and expanded consciousness.

Email TMI 212I have lived, traveled and studied with shamans, elders and wise ones extensively in Central and South America as well as in the Caribbean. I have traveled from Africa to Turkey and all over most of Europe and North America. My studies have shown me that reality is much, much more than the material world we live in. In many areas of the world outside of the United States and Europe, people have experiences that most of us living here in the States still believe are impossible. Non-ordinary, expanded states of consciousness are experienced in many places in the world that the western world is just now beginning to open up to.

Email TMI 123It isn’t necessary to travel all over the world to find these altered states of consciousness, however. There are effective, fun, safe and comfortable ways to explore and use them in our everyday lives. We can take time to meditate, pray, do ritual and ceremony, use music, drumming, chanting, movement, affirmations or visualizations, and slowly tune into the magic of expanded existence. There are a number of excellent step by step training programs to explore and discover aspects of yourself you never knew existed, which will truly expand your view of reality and enhance your daily life. One such program for self-exploration is the Gateway Voyage, one of many courses at The Monroe Institute (TMI) in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Faber, Virginia.

At TMI they teach ways to explore and achieve expanded states of awareness, and much more. The Monroe Institute is a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to enhancing the uses and understandings of human consciousness. They ask only that you consider the possibility that you are more than your physical body. Through their programs, tools, and technologies, TMI aids participants in achieving targeted states of consciousness, many not typically available during normal waking conditions, and in building skills to re-enter, explore, and utilize those states at will.

Email TMI 140From several formal studies during and after their programs, it was found that TMI program participants were able to: create purpose and meaning in life, find inner peace, enhance mental abilities, tap into personal healing potential, experience non-judgmental acceptance, explore consciousness outside of time and space, and much more. To learn more, visit their website at or call toll free: 866-881-3440 or email:

me 5Michael Peter Langevin is a freelance writer, lecturer, public relations consultant and personal trainer.

He has traveled and studied with shamans, elders, and spiritual teachers all over the world.

He has authored three books, Spiritual Business, (Hampton Roads), Secrets of the Ancient Incas, and Secrets of the Amazon Shamans (Career Press).

To contact Michael, email: or


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