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Ahhhh Spring! It’s FINALLY sprung… Which means that the new Australian Scentsy store catalog is out and after drooling over every page, I have come to the firm decision that I want at LEAST two of everything – 3 if you count the Zen Rock Warmer (seriously! you should see my order for this month alone *hugs accountant*).

I’m going to start doing up some weekly vids so be sure to keep an eyeball out for those.. AND for all my Aussie Customers that haven’t put their name down on my Scentsational Snail Mail List, be sure to use the contact form to send me your address.
(US & Canada customers contact JAMIE through her US site )

Latest and greatest news:

It seems us Aussie CANNOT get enough of the Limited Edition Buddies.. so much so they are selling out waaaay faster then our warehouse thought possible.. (I keep tellin’ them.. “’cause that’s how we roll, yo!”, but they just smile politely & end the video call).

SO, in just 1 month we have loved and said goodbye to Scout the Dragon (still fuming I didn’t order quick enough!), Stella the Unicorn (I got 2! 1 for my Scentsy Home Parties and one for a lucky customer!), Penny the Pig is making it’s way into Sold Out Status and now we have been introduced to Birch the Beaver…

Cliveover on FB we have ‘issues’ with the name Birch – Soooo we have already renamed our Beavers! (like… seriously!).. We have narrowed it down to either Cleaver the Beaver or Clive.. (I’m sooo loving Clive!).. cast your vote at our Scentsy fb page – Spiritual Scents.


If you reside in France, Spain & Austria you can now be a part of the International branch of Spiritual Scents!!!

My US team has started already with Jamie Streett and her SoulFood Scentsy Store and now it’s YOUR TURN my fellow squishy French, Spaniards & Austrians to shine! Scenty is launching on the 8th Sept.. that means you are literally on the freakin ground floor of the company in your Country!

Send me an eMail ( or message me on facebook if you want to know more, or if your all a flutter with the excitement of a life changing venture into the fastest growing home decor company sign up here and let’s PARR-TTYYY! – I trusted my instincts and have never looked back. If you’ve been waiting for a sign – this is it!

Check out these two videos I made where I showcase only SOME of our amazing Scenty products.

Available to Australian Customers ONLY through Spiritual Scents Scentsy Store

Items shown only available to US, Canadian & Mexico Customers only through SoulFood Scentsy Store.

Host, Basket & Home parties are quickly filling up for September already. Contact me now if you would like to have one of your own this month.

Until next time, I wish you the best of the best success both personally and professionally.
*squishy hugs*

nickib_01Nicole Suzanne Brown is the Team Leader of the International Scentsy Team Spiritual Scents. She is renowned for her motivational speeches, her wit and her sales expertise which is second to none.
Connect with Nicole via email at nicole@nicolesuzannebrown on the Spiritual Scents FB page or use the contact page on this site.

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