Spiritual Meaning of Number 33

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spiritual meaning of 33Spiritual Meaning of Number 33

With a continuation of the Master Numbers, we come to Master Number 33.

If 3 was about faith and Universal abundance, Number 33 is that, times ten.

It is said that Jesus birth date added up to a 33, and of course he passed at the age of 33.

Those born with a 33 (or add to a 33), will find the infant and teenage life tough going. Acceptance of their own gifts, coupled with ‘societies’ ever changing landscape of more, and must do better, and be the best, will leave the 33 feeling very inadequate indeed. That is of course until they reach their late twenties. Then, something changes within them. Their inner strength goes into hyper-drive and almost overnight you are faced with a new, stronger (physically & mentally), capable human being.

Where once there was struggle and doubt, now the number 33 is purposeful and confident.

Purpose and Confident Consciousness explains the number 33 to a tee. They are very family orientated beings, and will bring anyone in from the cold that they deem acceptable. Number 33 does have a need to be discerning however, and if you find you have crossed the wrong side of the path with a Number 33, it would be best to ask for forgiveness and not feel the need to contact them again. They have moved on long before you even acknowledged there was something to be forgiven for.

Be sure to accept that if you are related to a Number 33 there may be times when they appear distant to you, and the life and soul of the party with everyone else. This is their way. And the sooner that you accept that they have understood your role as “family member”, and that role is not needed in the future, you will have a chance to be cast as “Friend”. Don’t push it tho. They are the wanderers and the gypsy’s. Tie them down and once they have untangled themselves from you, you may never have the privilege of their company again.

If you continue to see the Number 33

If you have noticed lately that you are continuing to see the Number 33, you are being asked to listen to your inner guidance. A role that you have played with someone has now ended, and it is time to move on to greener pastures. Become aware of the animals and gentle souls that you are surrounding yourself with. Connect with nature again, for it is there you will find your balance. Keep an eye on your finances, and start saving for that ‘rainy day’, you’ll be so glad that did. Have faith that it all works out in the end. Give your strength and voice to a higher calling. Your energy and understanding is much needed. Phone a friend. Don’t be a stranger. The Universe is showing you the way. Trust it.

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