Spiritual Meaning of Number 22

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spiritual meaning of number 22

Spiritual Meaning of Number 22

A funny thing happened to us on the way to the new millennium or The Naughties as some of us Aussies like to call it. A shift occurred around us, within the elements of the space time continuum, but, and most importantly, a shift began to awaken WITHIN us.

Within this shift itself was a power energy that has lain dormant for many ancestral years, until our DNA brought with it a rememberance of memories, dreams that became tangible and something to strive for. We stepped out of the industrial age where we needed to work hard for less, and began to question why we were working in the first place. Lifestyle began to replace working life, and we felt a strong pull to set out on our own. And join others who felt the same. Long lost friends and lovers where reunited, and our need to learn from our own mistakes and let them go forever became our number one goal.

Why this shift and why then?

Why this shift and why then? Because for almost 2 thousand years (1 – 1999) we all lived in the dimension/state of the 1 energy. That of leadership and learning, growing and stumbling, and now, albeit rather slowly, we have started shaking off the blinders and begun questioning not why we are here, but the reason of what we are to do, while we are here.

The energy of the Masterful Number 22 is our most powerful ally. It is community and collective consciousness, communication and commitment.

It is the energy we hold onto when all else fails. The Omnipotent and the Oppressor all rolled into one.

The Spiritual Meaning of Number 22

Those that are born with the Number 22 are born with such an intricate connection to the world, at times, they do not seem to feel part of it. Instead they see the potential of life, the dance of energy connecting everyone to everything. They are ‘high energy’ beings – in other words, cannot be held back especially when needing to express themselves. They can be classed as the trouble makers and the rule breakers.

Those with the Number 22 within their birth dates and life lesson numbers have the ability to connect others to their life’s gifts. They are teachers, and scholars, needing to learn more and more about how and why people behave the way they do. They feel connected to the wind and the ocean currents, the Moon is their ally, the Sun their guide. Water is their power energy, and some may even have a strong fear of water. If this is the case, it is their own power they have become fearful of. Their emotional state needs to connect again with their body and exercises using slow breath is ideal (yoga, tai chi etc,.).

Spiritually the Number 22 is linked with those connected to both the spiritual realm and that of the physical (Earth) realm. They have a unique ability to read others thoughts, and predict patterns in behaviour of those they feel strongly connected with. Touch is very important and a feeling of being overwhelmed by others emotions can hamper the psychic abilities of the naturally born 22.

Those born in February will feel more of a pull to change their life and lifestyle around their birthdays. Be sure not to be swayed by others opinions. Your are trusting your instinct.

If you continue to see the Number 22

If you have noticed lately that you are continuing to see the Number 22, you are being asked to re-connect with those you feel you can be yourself with. A person that has passed over is close-by and is wanting to gift you with a message. Understand that you need to be comfortable in your surroundings. You may feel more drawn to the water, and your emotions will be closely tied with the Moon. Your hands may have felt hot and shaky, and this is just the Universe reminding you that you are here for bigger things. You are the healer. You are being asked to look at the people you are attracting. Now is the time to trust your instincts. Find a way to voice your opinion without frustration. A clearing of ‘old ways of communicating’ may cause irritation to your throat and glands. Join a group that has a Universal appeal. Be part of something bigger. Be aware of your dream state. You are being guided. Do not ignore your messages.

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