Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership: From Manager To Leader In Your Own Life

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Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership: From Manager To Leader In Your Own Life

Gandhi said “BE the change”. This book will show you how.

spiritual intelligenceIt guides you through the seven key concepts that make up the thinking, attitudes and deep inner knowledge that underpin effective twenty-first century leadership.
With personal stories and examples drawn from well-known figures to support each concept, the book offers real insight and a spiritual path to being a leader in every capacity. 

Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership offers you, the reader, the opportunity to access: your greatest talents and resources, your creativity, inner peace and a sense of fulfillment.

It shows you how to let go of the ego’s thinking and instead embrace the thinking of the True Self, where all of these gifts lie. 

The book also offers a clear guide to the seven foundation principles of Spiritual Intelligence that lie within us.

In addition, the book contains:

  • the thinking and consciousness that will support you being the leader in your own life.
  • the inner foundations for inspired leadership in any capacity in the 21st century.
  • spiritual principles from A Course in Miracles and other timeless spiritual philosophies.
  • insights from the lives of well-known figures who are living these principles.
  • personal stories of great challenge and inner learning from Sarah’s life that have shaped who she is today.

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sarahAbout The Author

Sarah Alexander is a coach, mentor, speaker and author. She coaches business leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide using Spiritual Intelligence to help them make the most of their life’s work. Sarah has worked with international sports professionals, executives from multinationals in the UK, Europe and the Far East, and entrepreneurs running successful businesses.

Sarah’s first book is Spiritual Intelligence In Business: The Eight Pillars of 21st Century Business Success.

Connect with Sarah through her Website, Facebook, Twitter 

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