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Have you made a product that you just KNOW needs to be out in the world,

but just can’t seem to get it into the right hands?

Have you written a book that helps, heals and inspires others?

Are your spiritual gifts amazing with the ability to help hundreds, even

thousands, but sales are non-existent?

Do you want to reach thousands, of people that are your IDEAL client.


celebrateOur readers are YOUR ideal clients!

People who:

  • Are looking for Connections. Connections to themselves, their family, their partners, their community.
  • Want to let go of the past and move into a brighter future. 
  • Need Mentors, Tools & Programs that will HELP them become happier, healthier & financial abundant.
  • Understand that to be a whole person they must work on the SPIRITUAL as well as the PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL side of themselves. 

For just $35 you will be:

  • Featured on the right sidebar to make sure that you’ll get full exposure (900 hits a month)
  • Featured each day for 1 month in our Daily Edition Magazine.
  • mini ka gold jewelry advertisement
  • Featured with an a4 size post dedicated to your business. 
  • Promoted on our Facebook Page (over 5,500 fans) 
  • Twitter (over 1,200 fans) 
  • Instagram (1160 fans) 
  • Pinterest and Google+

ALL advertisements made with links embed. Click on the above pictures for an example.

Each month you have
the potential to reach
over 10,000 new clients.

PLUS! Do you have a product service giveaway this month? 

Advertise with Spiritual Wisdom Magazine advertisement and reach thousands of potential clients

For just $45 you can promote your image, with links and a brief description.
f_spiritual wis. A5 landscape ad

  • Be featured on the bottom of EVERY new article posted on Spiritual Wisdom Magazine for 1 month.
  • Each article is posted on our Daily Edition
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest and Google+ Potential reach 10,000+ x each post (approx 25-30 posts per month).

Not sure how to set up an ad? 
For just $25.00 extra I will set up the ad with the text and pictures you provide. 
Once set up, you then receive your ad back to use wherever you would like.

eMail now to take the first steps in reaching your true potential.

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