5 Stress-Busting Tools: How to Make Your Own S.O.S. Kit – Part 1

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5 Stress-Busting Tools: How to Make Your Own S.O.S. Kit – Part 1

by Madeleine St. Jacques

Let me begin this article by giving you all virtual hugs and high-fives. We all could use some extra love and positive vibes, yes? And, I’m not going to sugar coat it; the waters have been a bit choppy lately. Things have been a bit intense — both in our world and out in the celestial ethers.

So give yourselves a tremendous pat on the back, because it can be challenging these days maintaining a positive vibe.

We have a greater responsibility to keep pivoting in the next best direction; greater responsibility to stay engaged with our higher selves so we’re not passing the emotional buck on to someone else. Such practices must now be part of our energetic hygiene routine. Like brushing your teeth and showering, it’s a daily ‘must do’!

Some days, though, this is easier said than done. And while there’s no greater joy than receiving love and support from our friends, families {chosen and biological} and fellow travelers on the path, I am a firm believer in the notion that we are the ones who can best support and uplift ourselves. We do not need rescuing, nor should we expect others to pull us up by the scruff or out of whatever pile of poo we’ve concocted for ourselves. {end rant}

So, my brilliant, blessed ones, it is in this spirit that I began writing this list – it began as my own personal “S.O.S./In-case-of-pending-combustion-or-meltdown-do-these-things-here” – list 🙂

1. Create ‘wins’ for yourself and celebrate your daily successes no matter how small. Keep a running list in a journal or as a ‘note’ on your smartphone; have it handy to remind yourself of your awesomeness.


2. Music: this is an instant mood shifter; have a mix ready to go of tunes that will elevate your energy. Alternately, there are tons of mood playlists ready to go on some online music streaming sites like Spotify or Beats Music. Just hit play 🙂

3. Move! So many options here, my dears…what lights you up? Dancing; run around the block (or even just up and down your stairs!); cleaning counts (run the vacuum, clean out that closet that’s been bugging you); hula hoop-ing!!; Have a trampoline in your backyard or a rebounder in your apartment? — Go for a bounce!



4. Lay down in the grass — or walk barefoot!

Feel the earth beneath your feet, the warmth of the sun on your face and take some deep breaths.

Try lying down with your belly to the earth, ask Mother Gaia to lift away whatever is causing you pain at the moment. Thank her for assisting you and make an offering in exchange and in gratitude for her healing support.


5. Have a pet? Have a snuggle or take them out for a walk. The movement and time shared together will do you both good.

Boy Hugging Golden Retriever

Well, there you have it. More ideas to come, but this should get you going and get the creative juices flowing around supporting yourself. Have your own S.O.S. list to share? I’d love to see it. Be sure to share it in the comments below and help inspire and uplift someone who needs a kick-start!

Until next time,

Wishing you peace in mind, body, and spirit

Madeleine St.Jacques

new headshot(2)Madeleine St. Jacques is a conscious channel, writer, and artist skilled in Energy Healing, Coaching/Personal Development, and Awakening insight and intuition in others. Madeleine’s passion is helping you find a place of peace that we all have within us. She receives and shares energetic transmissions of encoded images, symbols, and artwork designed to activate a process of deep awareness and healing with joy, gentleness, and ease.  Learn more about Madeleine and her work, here:


Twitter: @alchemyarts74

Having trouble surfing those emotional waves? Feeling combustible? Contact me through the links above. Your own stress-busting tool kit is just a click away! Book a session and get the  support you deserve and need today.

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