Solar Power – the importance of the Solar Plexus Chakra

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This weeks guest post is by the gorgeous Trudie Moore.

Trudie is a Shamanic Healer, Clinic Hypnotherapist,and a qualified Brian Weiss Past Life Regression Facilitator.
For more information about her work, or to book a session via phone or Skype, visit: or join in the conversation on facebook.

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 Solar Power – the importance of the Solar Plexus Chakra

By Trudie Ann Moore

In our quest for spiritual advancement, it’s important to keep the solar plexus region on both physical and metaphysical levels, balanced, and healthy.

Since the start of the global economic crisis around 2008, people coming for healing present with  patterns of confusion, loss of energy, headaches/migraines, stomach problems, difficulty making decisions, frenetic energy, and feelings of worry, fear or chaos.  These are signs that there is energy leaking out of the solar plexus – the centre or chakra for personal power in our bodies.

In understanding why this is happening, it’s important to become familiar with the solar plexus as a source of power in our body.  The solar plexus is a big yellow chakra, located between the diaphragm and the naval.  It relates to personal power, our identity, how we see ourselves in relation to our surroundings, confidence, will power and determination.  It is the power centre that supports our getting things accomplished in life.  If it is too open or too leaking, the tendency is to feel a loss of centre resulting in co-dependency, insecurity, lack of stamina/endurance, and fear of negative outcomes.   It is so important now, more than ever, to strengthen the core of our bodies.  On a psychological level, that means positive affirmation, positive thoughts, empowerment and words of encouragement, and the virtue of perseverance.  On an emotional level, it means to release needing to care-take others for self-gain, ie, martyrdom and neediness.  On an energetic and visualizing level, it means to draw your navel into your spine and pull your Solar Plexus energy back into your body.  Do this regularly.  On a physical level, it means to strengthen abdominal muscles.  This is not to have great abs, but to feel the power that can come from strong muscle energy in this area.  You can’t be in your centre if you can’t feel your centre.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to strengthen the abdomen to help with being centred at this time.

When you draw your navel into your spine with the help of your abdominal muscles, you will feel an energetic rise to the heart.  When the energy rises to the chest,  it flows into the heart chakra.  The heart chakra then lifts and is supported by the strength of the core energy in the solar plexus.  You can even try visualizing this as the heart resting on a pedestal supported by the lift of this energy from the Solar Plexus.  That lift of the heart can set the foundation in the heart to further soul work, such as: trusting that everything is okay even if the outcome is unknown.  It can also help lift spirits, feel positive and lighten up – so needed when times feel troubling. If there is too much heart and a weak solar plexus then some behavioral patterns surface, such as: excessive giving, to a point of resentment because there is nothing left for the self, or giving compliments but feeling jealously and insecurity underneath.  These are just a couple but neither are healthy patterns.  Ideally, you want an equal balance between all the power centres in your body. Yet, given this day and age, it is so important for the solar plexus to be centred in the body, so that you can ground into yourself.

In ancient Taoism, the belief was that our body was maintained  by not one brain, but two – the cerebral brain plus another brain, located in our stomach. The term solar plexus means ‘The Fire Burns the Wheel”  “fire” meaning emotions or feeling, and  “wheel” , solar plexus. Ancient eastern medicine links our nervous system to this brain, as the solar plexus is a mass of nerve cells below the heart and behind the stomach. Being closer to the organs of our digestive system than the brain in our skull, the nerves from the solar plexus, radiate out directly to them.

The liver is one of the most important organs of our digestive system and is located in the upper right-hand portion of the abdomen beneath the diaphragm on top of the right kidney, stomach and intestines. It is the only organ capable of regenerating itself. The liver performs many functions including the production of bile which helps carry waste away from the body and breaks down fats in the small intestine.  The liver also produces proteins for blood plasma, cholesterol to help transport fats through the body, and clears the blood of drugs and other poisonous substances. It regulates blood clotting and produces immune factors that resist infections and remove bacteria from the bloodstream. In addition to the liver, the solar plexus chakra also supports the spleen, stomach and pancreas. Referred to as “the power centre,” the solar plexus chakra is where spiritual energy enters the body for distribution to various body parts. It’s core functions are to transform energy into matter, matter into energy, ideas into reality, and to find purpose. Malfunctioning of the solar plexus chakra (blockage, too open, out of sync, etc.) may lead to diabetes, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer, Coeliac’s disease, gallstones and liver disease.

To stimulate liver function, take a deep breath through the nose. Allow the air to pass through your body, forcing your lower abdomen to expand. While holding your breath, rotate the trunk of your body in large circles using your lower abdomen as your centre of gravity. Rotate nine times then exhale through your mouth. Force all of the air from your abdomen. Repeat this exercise three times to massage your liver and improve blood circulation.
Because of its location, solar plexus chakra exercises present opportunities for fun and sensuality. Using a hula hoop or belly dancing have been known to balance the solar plexus chakra.

Today, many suffer  anxiety, panic attacks, and digestive disorders. Headaches,  stiff neck, and sore  shoulders, are signals that our cerebral brain  is overloaded, which causes it to be out of balance with the solar plexus brain.

The following ancient Tao exercise  brings both  into balance.

1)   Put your hands on your solar plexus and breathe in.

2)   Breathe out, and as you do, push gently in and up into your tummy. While doing this, turn your upper body and head slowly toward your left, as far as you can.  At the same time, tilt your pelvis to the right.

3)   Breathe in again, and bring your body back into alignment.

Lift your hands off your stomach slowly until they are just resting on the skin surface.

4)   Breathe out again, and as you do so, turn your upper body

and head to the right. At the same time, push your stomach in and up again as you twist your hips to the left. (Fig.2)

5)   Finally, while inhaling, turn your body to face the front again.

trudie diagrams

Repeat this exercise four times, then as you become more flexible, increase it by a couple each day to twenty. Those who are very stiff in the neck and shoulders should do VERY small rounds until they become looser.  Focusing your mind as much as possible on the solar plexus centre will greatly enhance the effectiveness of this exercise.

By paying attention to this chakra through the above exercise and meditation, people find that good self-esteem, strength and endurance, permeates their life.

You might also like to try the following meditation:

Sit quietly and close your eyes.

Imagine in the Centre of your Solar Plexus, a tiny nugget of gold light. This light is familiar and comfortable.

This is your solar-brain elemental.

Breathe deeply, and as you do so it expands, increasing in size with each breath until it is a burnished gold shield like that carried by the Greek God, Apollo.

You are in its centre, and now it envelopes your entire being.

Feel it soaking into all the organs of the digestive system and every nerve cell –see them glowing with a radiant golden glow.

Connect in your mind with this wonderful intelligence and ask that it help you to daily come into closer communication with it in order to keep your whole nervous system in balance

Feel the joy and love from the Deva at your willingness to participate in the restoration of this incredible and powerful healing mechanism.

Ask it to take you on a journey into the solar world, and to awaken psychic channels within the heart of the lotus flower deep within it.

Imagine free-falling, spiralling through portals of light to a golden city with crystal temples and sapphire streams where you are drawn towards a tall being with eyes of cool flame and flowing robe. Like a magnet you are pulled closer towards this one until you step into its body of light and you realize this being is you,

You have now merged with your Solar Self, and you feel centred and strong to the core; empowered now as you take a step for perhaps the first time for many years, to being in control of your life.

Take a moment using your breathing to radiate the solar aspect of yourself through all of your being on all levels; into every organ, muscle, vertebrae, tissue, cell and DNA. Bask in this peace, this balance, this truth for as long as you wish, and then slowly step out of the solar body, journey back through the portals of light into the centre of your physical body, knowing you can return at any time.

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 Trudie Ann Moore is a Shamanic Healer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a qualified
Brian Weiss  Past Life Regression Facilitator .

For more information about her work, visit: or join in the conversation on Facebook


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