Smile More, Enjoy More and Feel More Through Joy written by Renee Avard

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Smile More, Enjoy More and Feel More Through Joy
written by Renee Avard

Do you ever wish for more fun in Life? Between bills that need paying, homes that need cleaning, kids that need attention, groceries that need purchasing and ourselves that need loving, quite often we forget that we are not meant to be super serious all of the time.

This is box title
“Do the best you can and do not take life too seriously.” – Will Rogers

It is still shocking to me how many of us, even our children, walk around in this daze of confusion and negativity. Just because we were raised one way or treated this way, does that mean that we have to let it become a part of who we are, even if it was a good thing. The past has happened and it is time to move forward and make the new choices and create the Life that has been patiently waiting for.

I have thoughts of pure exhilaration and extreme happiness that I am working towards achieving. The main thing I have found is that it is all a work-in-progress and it is and can be very hard to release those memories, the good and the bad, and just live for the here and now. I have always said the past – in any way or form – must be left there because, why I always expected to cry over any sad moments, there is also a great deal of pain that grips you when you are remembering the positive.

How do I envision playing?

Cuddling with members of my family, including my furbaby, Merlin, staying in comfortable clothes all day long, taking a nap at 10am, staying up all night writing, stop worrying or obsessing because the results are not up to me, spending time outside with a good book, walking on a treadmill while listening my happy songs that include Blurred Lines and Sexy Back, writing a love note to myself, watching and re-watching my favorite shows, playing on You Tube, creating art on the computer, managing my site, laying outside under a gorgeous night sky and looking out for those shooting stars, basking in the moon’s nightly presence, thanking the moon for each and every wonderful day, decorating and organizing my altar(s) and scrapbooks, using my favorite products around the house (such as Dove leave-in-conditioner, Peppermint spray and a Spray-on toner, watching Merlin play with his toys every day, swinging high and swimming.

What is your version of fun look like? I know mine has changed a lot of the last 20 or so years, as I have grown out of my version of the Great Depression of my Twenties.

As I look at Life as I am experiencing it right now, I see that there is so much that is so much positive and that when I feel upset or confused or any feeling that does not serve my highest good, I take a moment to breathe and just let it go.

Every single day we have twenty-four hours all for us. How you divide up this time is always up to you. So, why not make it a choice? After all, that is what it is. Instead of allowing your emotions or your ‘physical’ ailments control you (and the physical is often a result of the emotional), shift into reverse and come back. Each day should be anticipated and valued.

Serve as an example for your children. I am learned this the hard way. (Saving that story for another time.) Show them that Life is exciting. Live, laugh, learn, grow, seek, sing, dance, write, exercise, cook, and play can restore and change your entire attitude.

It all starts with just a try – just reach out —

Someone will be there to catch you.

In My Element - Natures Treasures - August 26 2013

As a Metaphysical Specialist with my focus on Earth-Based Spirituality, I have many areas of unparalleled knowledge, including Crystals and Chakra Studies.

I created my business to be a customized Holistic and Spiritual endeavor that assists in bringing out the “Unique-tivity” each person already has inside them.

Forever learning, I am both a student and a Guide who is here to show you how to allow your Star inside to lighten Life outside. We are ALL worth catching! 

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  1. nicole October 31, 2013 at 12:02 pm - 

    As am I sweetcheeks!
    *squishy hugs*

  2. Renee October 27, 2013 at 12:41 am - 

    It is an honor to write for you, Ms Nicole! I love all that you do and I am glad to know you!

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