The Secret Hideaway of Intuition & How To Access It

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carolineThe Secret Hideaway of Intuition & How To Access It

Many of my clients come to me because they’re struggling to recognize (and trust) their intuition.  They’re yearning for a deeper connection with their inner guidance but they’ve been burned in the past acting on what they thought was intuition while all along it was fear in disguise. 

As a result, they can’t distinguish fear from intuition anymore.  And they keep taking action from a fearful place which only creates & perpetuates… more fear.  Or, they just give up on their inner guidance altogether and go back to the safety of reasoning & analyzing.

Rest assured, this has happened to all of us.

However, I’d like to invite you to not limit yourself and to give your potential best friend, your intuition, another chance. 

Choosing the (limited) intellectual mind versus the limitless genius  of inner guidance is like sticking to only one dish when you can have the whole freakin’ buffet + infinite delicious wine healthy green juice; which one would you rather have?  I thought so.

As a Master Intuitive Coach® I’ve been delving deeply into the exploration of intuition for quite some time (and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes through the learning process) and I’ve come to know 2 things for sure:

First:  Intuition is NOT fear. (So there, now we’re clear on that one.)

Second: Intuition doesn’t come from the mind. Your mind, my beloved, is the most masterful creator of fear so let’s not look there for wise inner guidance por favor.

So how do you differentiate intuition from fear?  Read on…

The definition of Intuition

First, a little intellectual explanation of intuition (just to keep your mind happy.)

Philosophy defines intuition as “an instinctive knowledge obtained neither by reason or perception.”

The Oxford dictionary defines intuition as “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

Deepak Chopra explains intuition as : “a form of intelligence beyond the rational mind, that doesn’t have a win or lose agenda (therefore it’s neutral, not fearful) and eavesdrops on the Universe”.  Deepak goes on to say that when you’re experiencing an intuition the prefrontal cortex (the part of your brain right behind the third eye) lights up.  Cooooool.

So where does elusive intuition come from? 

The Source of Intuition

Sacred Yogic and Spiritual texts (such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali) tell us that intuition is a sacred message obtained directly from the source of all knowledge; the mind of nature, the cosmic computer, Universal Mind, and the part of our body that is most receptive to intuition: the heart.

Therefore tapping into intuition is like having access to the google-of-all-knowledge.  Pretty damn cool.

The (kick in the ass) life altering lessons

Have you ever dismissed a gut feeling, a sense of intuition, only to realise that that solution, message or path might have been the best?  Yep, so have I. (tweet this!)

The saying ”follow your heart” carries the ultimate truth yet so often we dismiss the guidance of our heart to learn a lesson the hard way.

We all have access to that inner voice that can give us the answers and we all have the ability to connect with the Source of Great Knowledge. But to hear, trust & act on our inner guidance we must learn to peel away the layers of fear.  Learning to decipher an intuitive yes from a no takes practice, but is a tool that can greatly serve us in everyday life.

Now we’re getting to the juicy part…

Accessing Intuition

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To access intuition you first have to quiet your mind and come to that stillness within that is beyond fear or desire. This is the space where you’ll find the source of pure intuition.

When accessing the space where intuition emerges you’re asked to let go of attachment to the outcome so that you can more easily embrace the unknown and allow fresh solutions to spontaneously emerge. 

Can you navigate the current of uncertainty, let go of what you perceive to be the best outcome and trust in your heart’s wisdom?

The Field of all Possibilities

If we release our intention to the field of all possibilities through stillness and leap into the realm of uncertainty, we allow the Universe to work it’s magic (and exquisitely work out the details).  

Call this surrender or letting go + letting God. 

Challenging? Oh oui!  But if it means opening up to the field of infinite possibilities so that you can create miracles it might be worth your while…

Although our mind wants to know and control, it is our heart that truly knows.  Listen closely and follow your heart, it will always lead you in the direction of your Soul’s purpose.

The truth is that we’re blessed with a magnificent innate intelligence system and that the heart always delivers the message of our Soul.  Listen to that inner voice, trust it and see what happens. You’ll find the solution was right inside of you, in your intuitive  heart.

caroline2Caroline Frenette is a Master Intuitive Coach®  & the founder of The Intuitive Leadership Academy. She helps women entrepreneurs around the world create thriving businesses and extraordinary lives by tapping into the wisdom of their inner CEO’s.

When she’s not working with her clients (or writing her new book) she loves to cook delicious organic meals for her fiance & friends, play with her 3 adorable Schnoodles (and 2 very furry cats), travel the world (mostly to exotic places), doing yoga by the pool or dancing wildly (usually barefoot in the grass) to her favorite tunes.

To learn more about the Intuitive Leadership Academy or to work with Caroline, visit



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  1. LK Beede November 22, 2013 at 4:11 am - 

    Two things
    1 what “YOU” call intuition is following “GNOSIS ” without “Knowing. ” .it’s better to know the why and have intuition .
    2 “YOU” can have “GNOSIS”about intention and then let the “Force” do what is in the flow to allow your intention to be ..

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