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are you craving connection

Have you always wanted to surround yourself with like minded, spiritually attuned, positive people but just never found your tribe, your Soul Group?

Ever had a feeling that if you could JUST connect with others who GOT YOU, your life would take on a whole new positive, glitter filled, soul inspiring journey that you KNEW you were always destined to take?

Spiritual Wisdom Community is what you have been seeking!

(and it’s waited a very very VERY long time for you to come home!)

The Spiritual Wisdom Community forum Launch Party is on Saturday 14th Dec, 2013 

Can’t wait that long?

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Be one of the first to receive the secret handshake *it involves glitter!*, code word, your very own *virtual bean bag and secret squishie destination map to the super stunning but highly secret squirrel Spiritual Wisdom Community forum!

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 PLUS! Every month each of our SQUISHIES will have the opportunity to take advantage of numerous discounts, give-aways, and FREEBIES from our various amazeballs sponsors, such as:

FREE Reiki Healing Sessions

FREE e-books

FREE One on One Consultations by leading Health Advisers

DISCOUNTS & FREE Shipping on various books,
jewellery and products.

DISCOUNTS on Courses, Consultations, Psychic Readings,
Creative Coaching sessions
and much much MUCH more!

PLUS! PLUS! Connect with fellow squishies in
The Spiritual Wisdom Community forum
through groups, topics, posts and private messaging.

Start your own group and topics and re-connect with your Soul Group in a safe,
positive environment.

What can I do in the Spiritual Wisdom Community forum?

a: Anything you want to!

HOT PINK FLOWERConnect with other fellow squishies.

Re-Connect with your Soul Group.

Join discussions on Meditation, Spiritual Awareness, Crystal Connections, Weight Loss.


MAGENTA FLOWERShare Recipes, Life Experiences, Affirmations.

Looking for love? We’ve set up a group JUST FOR YOU!

Kids driving you CRA CRA? We have a group where you can share, vent, ask and give advice to other hot squishie mumma’s.

BLUE FLOWERFeeling BLEURGH? Ask for healing. Take advantage of our give aways,

discounts and competitions. Private Chat. Share photos, videos,

laugh, dance, sing, throw glitter, or just chillax on your own *virtual bean bag in the just ‘chillin” group.

Your 1 year subscription, entitles every squsihie to secure your very own virtual bean bag in the Spiritual Wisdom Community forum, where you can connect, re-connection, inspire and be inspired.

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All Squishies are then entitled to:

Enter any and all give aways and competitions.

Receive discounts on services and products from around the world.

Enter the Private Online Forum, where you can chat, join topics and groups, start your own groups, private chat, mix, mingle, laugh and just chillax.

Receive the Spiritual Wisdom Community newsletter where we highlight the hottest topics, products, and give birthday shout outs!

Your secure sign in url, name & password will be sent to you via eMail when you sign up and than the Spiritual Wisdom Community forum doors spring open for you and roll out the glitter laden carpet.

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How much does it cost? Ready for your mind TO BE BLOWN!! A 1 year subscription is just $9.99! Yup that’s *counts on toes* 0.19 cents a week!!!

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Are there rules?

a: Just one. Yup.. One rule. Respect. What’s that mean?
It means Spiritual Wisdom Community forum is a place for all people searching, travelling
and loving their own spiritual journey. These can (and will be) from all backgrounds, gender, faiths, ages, sexuality and amazballness.

We just ask that you leave your negative nilly hat outside the SWC doors and as
you enter be washed over with positive, loving, compassionate vibes.

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My friend and I want to be a fellow Squishie together. Can we buy one squishie membership and share it?

a: Sorry lovenuts no. To keep the Spiritual Wisdom Community forum openly honest and fair to all who are fellow squishies, one squishie membership per person

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I’m in! I LOVE the sound of this Spiritual Forum. What happens now?

a: Yay!! I am soooooooooooooo excited that you are taking the first step to re-connect!!

Click on the “Ready to say YES” image. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive notification that you indeedy have found a place amongst other fellow squishies. You will then receive an email with all your secret squishie information (website, code/passwords, road map of destination etc,.)

Once that email arrives, run like the wind to open that virtual door and introduce yourself to other spiritual squishies, set up your profile (don’t forget to show how incredi-bubble you are! Take advantage of that months FREEBIES, give aways, competitions and discounts and pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you are incredibly awesome and
start re-connecting!

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What if I don’t have pay-pal? a)Easy Peasy. Once your in the pay-pal site scroll down till you see ‘Don’t have pay-pal pay with c.card’ and stick your details in there.. (Pay-Pal is a secure payment network and in no way will your information be given or sold to any 3rd party).

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Here’s a sneak peak of the Main Groups of

Spiritual Wisdom Community (SWC) forum:

swc banner2


Introduction Time group.

Time to spill the beans.. introduce yourself and show us how amazeballs you truly are!

A great group for introducing yourself and connecting with your Soul Group and find it if there are other fellow squishies from your area.

make our mouths water

Make Our Mouths Water group.

Foodies of the World UNITE!! Love food? We do too! Tell us your favourite recipe, new breakthrough, yumbo food combinations, vegan & vegetarian recipe or just WHY chocolate is so damn delicious!

Got a new recipe you think we would throw a parade for? This is the group for you!

soul mate connection

Soul Mate Connection group.

Do you need a lover that wont drive you crazy? Your Soul Mate could be here!

Built into four smaller groups with various ages.

No, this is not a ‘hook up’ with anyone who moves group, this is a I am READY, my heart is open, I have gone through the fire and come out again, stronger, and more determined to find my Soul Mate group.

show us your stuff

Show Us Your Stuff group.

We LOVE bloggy thoughts of blogginess.. Share your latest post, product and creative genuis here!

Got a Spiritual Blog or Product and want to tell the world? Brag about it here!

ask for healing

Healing Central.

Feeling BLEURGH!? Ask for Healing here!

The PERFECT group for those who are willing to accept healing, good vibes, positive glitter bombs or just a big *squishy hug*

connect with spirit

Connect with Spirit group.

Have a message for the group from Spirit? 

Let’s face it… sometimes we all need a little guidance from our Spiritual Guides. Something that will lift us all up when feeling low.
And we would LOVE for you to share your channeled messages with us!
It could be on a broad subject or just a love letter from your own Guides for us to bask in their deliciousness.

The PERFECT pick me up/sign-post/guidance group E.V.E.R.!

chillax and veg

Chill Out Central group.

Had a ruff day? (tee hee get it?)

This group is for anyone who just wants to chill out and veg, and have a big ol’chat with fellow squishies who ‘get them’. Ahhhh bliss!

weight loss

Shedding Those Kilos group.

Feeling weighed down? (in more ways than one?) Start your own motivational weight loss/get fit/kick lifes ass group and help motivate others wanting to walk their journey with a lighter load. 

(I’m starting my own group in January – and would LOVE some soul sisters to join me! xxNic)


This is box title
Have an idea for a group? PERFECT. In the Spiritual Wisdom Community forum you can start your own, invite who you want, mix, mingle, fall in love, hash out old stuff, let go of baggage and set fire to your fears!

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Keep your eyeballs on the lookout for this banner on all future posts :

are you craving connection

The S.W.C is now open! Join others who are looking to connect, re-connect, inspire, share, grow, laugh, dance and celebrate life!

nickib_01 I can’t wait to connect with you in there!

*squishy hugs*


P.S. Are you an Author, Life Coach, Soul Inspiration Coach, Healer, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Business amazeball person and would like to offer our Spiritual Wisdom Community Squishies your products or services for free and/or at a discount price? EXCELLENT!! Come over here and READ THIS POST

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