Psychics with Social Anxiety | Tips from Holly Joy

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Psychics with Social Anxiety | Tips from Holly Joy

Social anxiety is a problem that knows no social, gender or economic class. There are many reasons why people suffer from social anxiety. Some of these are hormonal imbalances, especially in women, for example: thyroid problems can trigger anxiety and panic attacks; certain gastrointestinal problems can mimic heart attack symptoms and these, in turn, can cause anxiety and panic attacks. If the reason is not hormonal or physical, then doctors look into other triggers that are mostly psychological. Traumatic life experiences, unresolved issues that individuals cannot easily overcome or not being able to deal with phobias are among psychological reasons that social anxiety is triggered.

Many people also suffer from social anxiety because they are empaths.

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When you start to develop your psychic abilities and open yourself spiritually, you will realize that there is an exchange of energy. When you feel this exchange happening, you will then realize your ability to build a bridge between energies is becoming stronger. This is also when you will experience more anxiety than normal. The key is to be aware of the causes and consequences.

Psychics, sensitives and intuitives especially are among these people because their channels are more open than others. Psychics have strong intuition and they sense and feel things more deeply than others; this makes them prone to anxiety because being empathic results in absorbing the energy around them like a sponge. Psychics can protect themselves though intention and other means but often intentionally allow themselves to absorb the energy around them because it is necessary for them to help others. Many kinds of people can also allow themselves subconsciously to absorb energy but the experience is may be less extreme and feel different than what psychics experience.

Psychics need to open their channels to receive information from the Universe. Some psychics prefer doing sessions online to protect themselves from the strong energies that cause them overwhelming discomfort. This is completely normal and acceptable. Distance, time and place are relative concepts when it comes to using psychic abilities because information is not bound by these concepts. The Universe and everything that exists in it are all interconnected. This is why psychics who want to perform their tasks remotely can do so if they choose. This enables them to remain in their own space which is more balanced and more grounded.
However, psychics and other light workers are always being nudged into expanding personal development and this often includes overcoming social anxiety to advance their career and be of service to more people.

There is never going to the perfect time to start giving live Readings but there are ways to ease yourself into them and prepare yourself a little first.
For those of you that are lucky enough to have a Spiritualist Church in your area that allows training and practice for platform Readings before the congregation, this is your best option as the spiritual integrity and support is strong.
If you don’t have the above option you can always join and set-up local events at your home, library or other location offering free Readings in exchange for experience.
Another option is to simply start putting yourself out their locally by adding in-person Readings to your service pages or taking a seat at a local or nearby Psychic Fair.

How to balance energies and overcome social anxiety…

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At this point, the very first step to overcome the anxiety is to understand and accept what is happening, know what you are experiencing and allow the experience instead of allowing social anxiety to guide you in a negative way. If with a Client in-person you can affirm you’re completely in charge of the situation, it is part of the process and it is temporary until you get in the flow.

When you completely open yourself to see what is happening, you will become in tune with your inner self. You will uncover layer by layer the things that affect your emotions and when you remove each layer, you will be more in touch with your own emotions.
These first two steps will help you stay stronger during a session as will grounding and protecting yourself before and clearing your energy after.

Grounding. Protecting. Clearing.
Some people image a cord going from their root into the center of the earth, others squeeze or clamp their hands or simply affirm they are grounded, protected and cleared though several outbreaths. Either way, this will balance the energies inside and around your subtle bodies and bring you into the present moment preventing emotions from dıctating or influencing how you feel or act. Simply, remain in the present moment, feel the greatness of the Universe deep inside and let it guide you.

Chakra Care.
This is quite beneficial to recreate your inner balance by cleaning the blockages that are caused by over exposure to other people’s energy. There are seven chakras that control our survival skills, our physical needs, our sexuality, love, our giving and receiving powers, our communication, our intuition, our wisdom, creativity, spirituality and our relationship with the divine. You can do daily cleaning or you can do periodical cleaning as needed. For each chakra, you can hold one hand at the base of your spine and place your other hand just above your first chakra, rotate it counter-clock wise a few times. Feel the energy, analyze your feeling and with positive thoughts, send the negative and blocking energy away for transmutation. Then move on to your second chakra and repeat the same process for each seven of them OR visually see them being opened, balanced and charged.

If you find yourself facing a negative situation and you feel the energy around you, you can simply try to block that energy from reaching you. Try seeing a red X over your crown or solar plexus chakras; while doing that focus on the thought of keeping that energy away and sending it back to its source. Remind yourself that you are in control of the situation and you have the skills to keep the negativity away from you.

Mindful meditation & Yoga…
Both increase your mental and physical strength, keep you in the present moment and teach you how to organize your thoughts by analyzing them objectively. During meditation, it might also help to imagine yourself shielded by negativity and protected by an invisible source. When meditation and yoga becomes your daily routine, your brain will rewire itself to keep you healthier and you will also notice your intuition will become much stronger, as well as being more relaxed during social situations.

Full name: Holly Joy Donner

Holly Joy, a graduate in Advanced Esoteric Studies and co-founder of Across The Realms is a top rated psychic and true empath passionate about helping others with her abilities.

Holly specializes in reading energy and understanding the emotions and feelings associated within it. She gives excellent counsel on various areas, including spiritual awakening, reading compatibility, discerning personality and helping to identify and solve root issues.

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