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written by T Stokes 

“In my house there are many mansions” the bible tells us, and within the house of the hand, there are also many mansions.

We have the mansions of the emotions, the intellect, career path, diet and health, but perhaps the most intriguing to lay people has always been that aspect of karma that deals with who we really are and how we got here, and to where will we go when our allotted span is done.

House in Hand (Small)During my fifty years practise in reading hands, this is one of the graphs I would use in demonstrating the 7 houses or mansions of palmistry.

These 7 mounts or planetary rulers are often a direct match if used with overlays of the horoscope, as I showed many times previously in my lectures, with the parallels of Marylin Monroe, President John F. Kennedy, and Princess Diana.

The bible is a great source for Oneirology or dream interpretation, and in a dream a house always represents ourselves, our inner world and this was acknowledged by Sigmund Freud in his classic work the interpretation of dreams, which he largely based on the teachings of the ancient Greeks, themselves great students of palmistry.

Any house is only as good as its foundations, and in the illustration we see the two lower hand mounts Venus which govern our loves, life energies, and primary drives, and the Moon which governs our ancestral memories, intuition, primal instincts, and all body fluids, which form the base to our foundations of personality, and these should be even in size, depth, colour and height.

The door to this house covers the area known to palmists as the “mount of Neptune”.

And this is the door to the hand because with any reading you must start at the beginning of the fate line at this doorstep to see why the person has come into incarnation, and to look along the destined path.

Interestingly this same door that governs our entry into this life, will also govern our exit, as the line of life ends under this same door.

For just as we are born into this life we die to the world we knew before, and as we die to this one we are born into the next.

So we surely must use the same door for both entrances and exits. palmistry hand

The Bracelet lines which cross the wrist hand boundary will give further detail, and they should be clear even and unbroken, Tibetan palmistry teaches these lines have important future health messages.

This destiny line was called in biblical times “the measuring line” as it was used against the life line to assess a mans life span, and in ZEC.2;1 we read

“When I looked around me I saw a man with the measuring line in his hand”

Physicians would look for this when administering to the sick, and they would judge who to help and who not by an examination of these lines.

We next need to look into the top window by the thumb in the mount of Mars sector, to assess the start of the line of life to confirm the reasons for entry into the world, and to examine the time spent in the womb.

The curve of the life-line is representative of the curve of the foetus in the womb, and colour variations in the line do reflect potential discomfort areas, and palmer reflexology can assist in discomfort relief to the pregnant mother, if used gently.

Everything that affects the mother during this period will affect the baby,

Particularly diet, alcohol and allopathic medication, even a loud noise nearby can make the baby jump inside the womb, it is essential that the mother feel safe and secure during this period.

So a lot of detail shows here.

The apex of the roof shows its central point between the two middle fingers, and if we trace a line down from this to the door at the palmer base, we can separate the hand into palmistries two halves, the thumb side covers the conscious or outward side and the heel of the hand to the Mercury finger covers the “Ulna” or inward unconscious side.

Carl Jung in his studies into palmistry and astrology based his unique theories on introversion and extroversion around these factors, and with the building blocks of houses, or personalities they will need balance in all areas and the cement is always harmony, both inner and outer as covered by the windows, Carl Jung’s thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition being these windows we use to see inside the individual.

The roof of course being the highest aspect relates to the highest in ourselves, the spiritual and emotional drives, and the lines and fingers particularly the tips will give the finer detail.

The fingers themselves will give pointers in the 12 phalanges to the life’s loves,

These phalanges in medieval palmistry were related to the apostles, one of whom was assigned from each astrological sign, the four elements of Air Earth Fire and Water, are shown by the four palmer windows.


House in Hand (Small)HOUSE IN HAND
During my time working with alternative health clinics in Britain, and writing summaries for traumatised or abused children, the drawing of a house can be very revealing in the healing of any damage to their emotional or intellectual landscapes, particularly the terminally ill can show great diagnostic power in their drawings.

At one point in an ordinary classroom environment, I asked the new class to draw their houses for me, and in one case I blurted out  “Whoever drew this see me after class” and my classroom assistant burst into tears, and a hurt from long ago later that day was released.

Incidentally figures in these diagrams can relate to spirit guides.

The palm centre or ”plain of mars” shows the battle field for life struggle during the middle years of life mid thirties, to early fifties when we are consolidating our material positions in society, work and family. 

The material mansion perhaps blindfolds us to what is of real value in our lives,

For as the master said; “pile up possessions not on earth where the rust, the moth and the thief can consume, but in heaven where they are forever safe”

The wisdom of Ghandi once said, “Sufficient for your need, not your greed”

Each finger governs bodily organs and is given a planetary ruler, palmistries connection to Astrology goes back to antiquity, and although the Vatican archives have early books on the subject they are not available to scholars, early Christianity  burnt many books that were priceless, on this and similar themes.

The Alexandrian library in particular contained ancient knowledge and wisdom from all over the world, and we are still trying to recoup that knowledge on medicine, astrology, anatomy and palmistry, destroyed by the early Christians.

One of the mistakes in palmistry is that single signs must never be accepted on their own, they are often unreliable, for just as if you examined a load of wood slate and bricks, you would get no idea of what the finished house would look, or feel like, when it was put together.

With traumatised patients, I would always in meditation get them to see and feel comfortable inside a house in their mind, and when in stress to sit quietly and go there.

Meditation point; the beauty of the house is order.

The blessing of the house is contentment.

The glory of the house is hospitality.

The golden rule in palmistry is always look for confirmation and corroboration, the skill lies in the analysis of all the building blocks that go into the making of a stable and well rounded personality, and bear in mind the responsibility you have in what you say. Healing must always be your goal, gentle diplomacy and tact, perhaps demand a mansion of their own.

“Happy Palmistry”

t stokes large picT Stokes was first Britain’s first lecturer in paraspiritual studies, and is cognisant of most spiritual disciplines but specialises in reading life histories from emailed handprints, and explaining the 4 types of karma and how they fit that person and gives detailed answers with healing and CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy where necessary. Connect with Terry through or email

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