The OCD Process

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The OCD process

woman with mirrorMany therapies and many drugs are used for OCD, Some may help but usually it just band aids the situation. To Heal a situation sometimes You need to first understand how it works.

Millions live with a form of OCD, but it’s only when it starts affecting your day to day living that it becomes a problem.
You will find Sensitive people are more prone to developing it.
The sensitive souls that are coming through now a days are the ones more likely to develop it, as the existence we currently share is very harsh compared to what we are used too.

Violence, greed, anger and negativity affects us in ways we don’t truly see, on the surface we may feel that it doesn’t really affect us, that is because as humans we are resilient, but on a soul level the harshness offends.

Many people suffer with OCD with varying degrees of intensity, and for most they live their lives in silent.
It is not a mental illness, You are Not weird, disturbed or a freak, OCD is a condition that can easily start and just as easily to fix.
It’s not something to fear, but something to understand and be mindful of.
It can be very difficult to experience, for some it can be debilitating.

The OCD process
girl with hands tiedA very common trigger that starts a good majority of OCD episodes is hearing or seeing a situation that has a basis of fear, tragedy or emotionally troubling information.

Normally if a person is exposed to one of these scenarios, they will process it (sometimes express how they feel) and then dismiss it. But for a sensitive person, sometimes it’s not easy to dismiss.

A person that has a deposition to OCD sometimes (not every time) after being exposed to a situation that has a basis of fear, tragedy or emotionally troubling information may trigger an OCD reaction.
OCD can start very gradually or it can hit you out of the blue it all depends on how your mind responds to a situation.

One day you are going along minding your business, and you come across something that troubles you, let’s say a news report on TV.
You hear a story that something bad has happened to someone/something and you are feeling troubled/hurt/upset/annoyed at what has occurred.
Where everyday people can process it and brush it off, sometimes that is enough to trigger an OCD experience.

Most Times it will be a gradual build at first it doesn’t resemble anything like OCD, But what you will notice is that the next time that thought or scenario goes through your mind, You will have a stronger emotional reaction to it. This can be the start of an OCD episode.
What usually happens next is that the more you think about it, the more of an emotional reaction you will have to it.
You will find in most cases it will continue to grow until it starts giving you a physical reaction e.g., cold feeling all over, adrenaline, trembling or increased heart rate.
When it builds up to where you start having a physical reaction to the thought, this is when you will start paying a lot of attention to it.
You start to fear the physical reactions, because in your mind you believe it is something to fear.
This is because you without realising have trained your subconscious to react to the situation.
Your subconscious is at work all the time, listening and learning to whatever you experience, Your subconscious doesn’t understand when you joking and or when your right or wrong, it will take in whatever you experience, basically you can train your subconscious to believe anything with enough repetition.

young girl sadThat is the basis of OCD, without you realizing you have taught your sub conscious to behave to a situation.
That’s all what OCD is, You are not Crazy, Weird, a freak or a Monster. All you are is a sensitive person that gets affected by what you are exposed to.
Sometimes it might take years for the OCD episode to gain enough strength for it to start affecting your day to day life, or it could hit you all within a very short time frame, It all depends on how you react to it, As soon as you start giving it power that’s when it will get stronger.
The more you think about it and worry about it, the more you will give it power to get stronger.
And that’s where the problem lies, because it upsets you or scares you, You can’t stop thinking about it, You can NOT go head to head with it and try to force it to stop, it will never work, simply because it’s one battle that feeds off Emotions, Anger and fear.
Now you understand how OCD starts by what thoughts you gave power/fear too, here is the best part, the key to being free again is to reverse the process.
How do you reverse it you may ask, simply by Re teaching your subconscious to remember how it should react.
You gave power to the thoughts by acting scared and afraid, which made your subconscious believe that is how you should react to it, The key to Reversing is simply to do exactly the opposite to what led you there.
In this case when ever you are having a moment of the troubling OCD/thoughts running through your head, all you have to do is to say to yourself:

“Who cares”

“as if that would happen”

“that is a load of crap”


“I have not got time for this”

You may think well that won’t stop it, and yes at first you won’t notice any difference.
But the key is not to make it stop right then and there, because it is not possible.
By saying one of that simple phrases or any phrase that pretends to take the power away, you will start to reprogram your subconscious with how it should deal with this situation.
Remember your sub conscious doesn’t understand if you are joking or pretending, it will respond to how you react.

The more you do it and the more you interrupt the thought process playing out, the more your sub conscious will start re programing.

attitude of gratitudeIt might take a while before you actually notice, Can be anywhere from one day to a few weeks before you will notice a difference, but you will realise, oh It’s not as scary as it was and I’m not reacting as bad to the OCD thought. This is because you have started to retrain the sub conscious, which controls how your body reacts to the situation
Don’t worry if at first don’t believe this will work, because it really will. Your subconscious will be paying attention.

You now understand how OCD begins and how it works, this will make it a lot easier to notice the early signs of an OCD developing.
You now have the tools to reverse OCD and this can be done at any stage of OCD, from the little nagging thoughts to the more extreme cases.
Use the phrases at any stage.
“Who Cares?”
“As if that would happen”
“That is a load of crap”
“I have not got time for this”
These will stop it in its tracks and will not allow it to continue to get stronger.

mikeMichael Wohlrab a intuitive healer, also a qualified Quantum Touch Practitioner.
Started my own holistic centre called Healing Beyond in Bunbury W.A
I have spent the last few years developing a new technique which is called Nuvayah Vibrational Healing.
Nuvayah Vibrational Healing is a unique holistic healing session comprising of sound and energy set in a group atmosphere.

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