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With Mercury Retrograde once again messing with our fragile minds this month, many of us felt the full brunt of the force of energy in every level of our lives.

A lot of emotions that came up for people was shame, blame, fear, loneliness and our thoughts took us back to memories of loss, grief and tragedy.

But what if you live in that energy everyday and never see a way out?

I believe we are the harshest critics that we will ever meet, and I, like many of you, have been through my fair share of the unbalanced energy that the Universe can offer. I took it upon myself for years to blame myself for every small thing that ever happened, whether it was warranted or not.

But once I realised, that that which happened in the past was of my own choosing, fully based on my ignorance of not listening to my intuition, I found my way out of the ‘teeter tottering’, see-saw energy, and back on the swings where I felt happiest.

So how can you yourself maintain balance, when your world is turned upside down?

Firstly, allow yourself to understand this: once you realise

The key to that saying is REALIZE. Once you fully understand the ability to CHOOSE the best for yourself, a lot of the stress that you have held on for so long, the unnecessary stuff you have worried about, that you cannot possibly change, falls away and allows you to really see what is going on.

Remember this always: Your thoughts have power. Are you aware of what you have been thinking since the start of your day? Are those thoughts positive?

We are all so stressed out with being stressed out that we start questioning our own intuition.

But our intuition, that little gut feeling, that nagging voice in the back of our mind, that tells us that what we are ACTING on right in that moment, is going to bring a whole barrage of unnecessary lessons, is our best friend. If we choose to allow it.

So how can you tap back in to your intuition and begin to trust it again?choose to be happy

For me, it was one step at a time. I needed to sit for days that went for weeks, and work backwards, through all the great memories, and yes, also the painful ones, until I recognised a pattern.

Those intuitive signs where EVERYWHERE, choices
once I allowed myself to see them.

Today, spend some time writing down 5 of
the harshest lessons you have been through
in the past (or going through right now).

Now, with those 5 lessons, focus on one at a
time and really LOOK at what was happening
at the time in your life. Were there signs that
are now showing up like a neon sign that you didn’t notice before? Write them down. And, most importantly, write down the FEELING you felt right at that exact moment it was happening. Did you feel calm? Or was the fight and flight energy coursing through your entire body, screaming at you to get out, and get out now? Remember, don’t be too harsh on yourself, if that was the case. Those lessons brought you to this single moment right now, to help you understand HOW your intuition works, and how you can listen to it clearer and THEN make decisions. Work on your list until you have a very clear indication of how to once again become best friends with your intuition.

Your future self will thank you for it.


Nicole Suzanne Brown is the CEO and Editor of Spiritual Wisdom Magazine as well as the bestselling author of Passing through Time (conversations with the other side). Buy your copy HERE.

Vegan, Author, Crystal Candle Maker & lifelong friend of the Avocado.

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