New Year, Old You

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New Year, Old You

To whom in YOU it may concern,

First off I want to say, what you’re thinking now will one day blow away.

I see the glimmer in your eyes and trust me when I say, they still glimmer today. Your thoughts are pure and just but they do not represent the full light that’s held within us.

Insecure vibrations led you to believe you are not worthy of sincere salutations. You belong here, in this time, in this moment, in this life. Never question your worth twice for it is priceless, meaning you are worth more than life. What you represent in your light is exactly what is needed for us to gain insight on the emotions of others battling the same fight. I know your body makes you uncomfortable, but please don’t give up and lose hope for one day you’ll be comfortable in ALL things physical, emotional and yes, even things that make you feel vulnerable.

I have waited patiently for the day I could share what you truly mean to me and to the people who care. You’ve taught me how special it is to give unconditional love to others, even if it’s not reciprocated at that time or another. In fact, my wisdom stems from you questioning if one day you’d ever be a factor impacting lives, because even then you knew ALL of them mattered. You’ve filled me with wisdom and now I fill you with hope.

Trust me when I say, all your current fears will never be in vein because I have learned experiencing pain is required to be peacefully sane in a world that appears to be losing its flame.

I honor you, for you are part of the next wave of light for the upcoming decades that will unanimously shine bright. Keep swinging, your success is not in winning the fight. It’s in your consistency, resiliency and might. People will take notice with admiration and find inspiration. It will motivate them to believe wholeheartedly that against all odds they can take flight and make a difference for many generations without succumbing to any fear and hesitation that the power held within us is not worthy of our divine representation.

Always believe you are the ONE.



Love Heal Inspire Bio PhotoBrenden Davis “Bam”

Bio: In this life I am a New Jersey native who currently resides in magical Maui, Hawaii. I gracefully stumbled into my awakening during my years as a professional athlete. My passion includes; writing, thinking deep into exhaustion, loving on animals, drinking Kombucha. I also keep fit through an esoteric approach to fitness and refuel with a vegetarian diet. My personal mantra is “If it resonates, I’m doing it.”

Blog Photo 1Side note: I originally wrote this letter/poem while gazing at an old picture of me that brought up old childhood feelings on not being good enough.
Upon completion I realized it should not be just kept in my journal and it needed to be shared for all who have felt fear into becoming who they really are.

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