New Moon Planetary Activation [Special Feature]

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Excerpts from a New Moon Planetary Activation
–through Ilona Anne Hress, LCSW, LMT, Rev.

Hello Beautiful Beacons of Light!

I had the extreme pleasure of attending a New Moon Planetary Activation gathering on November 21, 2014, which was hosted by my dear friend Ilona Anne Hress. Ilona is a leading-edge spiritual healer, author, and teacher specializing in Evolutionary Development.

This was such a special evening. The messages Ilona delivered were so on point, so needed, and brought so much comfort to everyone in attendance. To say that this has been an intense time is an understatement. And I thought you could all use some extra support, so I’m sharing some very special information with you from this gathering from a very valuable source. Enjoy!

The theme for this month’s Planetary Activation is: “Positioning”

“To honor the role that you are playing in the development of a new civilization of peace, you must be placed in an environment of success. As the old third-dimensional models fade away, the new fifth-dimensional lifestyles will emerge strong and secure in their ability to effectively deliver unconditional loving. The positioning that is occurring now is purposeful in the present and useful for the future. The establishment of fifth-dimensional communities is well underway, each with their own assignments and functions. Collectively these 5D Communities will create the infrastructure of a culture of Oneness in a peaceful, soul-embodied civilization.

Pay attention to the opportunities presenting themselves and honor the truth within you. This is a time of Soul resonance as earthly soul families unite to complete the missions they have incarnated together to fulfill. Those individuals and situations that are unnecessary, will fade away because your time and your energy are precious. You are important and valuable. The Heavens and the Earth are treating you with the respect, attention, and consideration you require, because you are transforming humanity. It is important for you to treat your soul-embodiment with the same respect, attention, and consideration that is being shown to you.

You have studied, trained, and practiced incarnation after incarnation for this moment in human and planetary history. It is your time to shine, to break through, to radiate the presence of the Soul as a reality on the planet. Everything you need and all the support you require is on the way or is already in the process of being delivered. Accept the packages coming from every kingdom of nature and open them up. You are creatively collaborating in transforming your world through the power of unconditional loving to radiate the grace and peace of fifth dimensional living. It is a busy time of great preparation. Stay focused, attentive, and aware for you too are a package being delivered to another to open. Acts of grace are everywhere around you. Look through your Soul’s eyes and see the beauty growing around you.” –Ilona Anne Hress, LCSW, LMT, Rev.

To connect with Ilona and learn more about the amazing classes and services she offers, visit

new headshot(2)Madeleine St. Jacques is a heart-centered Parenting Coach and Educator with a passion for empowering families. She is a Certified Human Design Specialist, Certified Family Coach with over 13 years of experience and training in various healing modalities. Madeleine is also co-founder of Empowered Parenting classes and support groups along with Rev. Jamie Streett.

Madeleine provides practical, innovative resources and strategies so you can start creating success, harmony, and peace in your life. She believes that peace is possible – wherever you happen to be in your life – and is passionate about helping you find a place of peace within yourself and your family.

Madeleine lives in NJ with her husband and vivacious daughter who continue to be her greatest source of inspiration and growth.


To start creating success, harmony and peace in your life connect with Madeleine, here:


Twitter: @alchemyarts74

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