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Flowing from darkness to light


As I left our home here in Maryland this morning to hop in the car and head off to the daily grind, I noticed that it was still quite dark outside. I had to stop and look at the clock on my cell phone to make sure I hadn’t somehow gotten way ahead of myself, woken up too early, and ventured out ahead of time. Seeing that the time was correct for me to be heading out as normal, I quickly pieced together how fast the time of shorter days and less sun light is heading to our neck of the woods. Since just last week when I would leave in the morning, the sun would be cresting the horizon bringing in a beautifully colorful sunrise welcoming me to the day’s journey. I was quickly reminded of how much I love both the darkness and the light as this week’s message channeled in.

This weeks channeled art and message from the ancients:


In my daily life, I very much require a time of pure darkness and quiet as I awake after sleep. I need that time to slowly regain grounding with my waking body. I even have some crazy alarm set-up that my wife makes fun of me about. I have the time set so that the alarm goes off early to trick my brain into waking up earlier – all so that I can have that quiet time to wake up and connect into the day ahead. I also like to do a peaceful sage cleansing ritual to clear myself to have a good, compassionate, and productive day. And also get the coffee flowing through the blood, ha ha. This is a time of spiritual reflection for me, as sometimes the night’s dreams are still vivid in my consciousness; some of those aha! moments present themselves, and communication with my soul spirit is active. (Yes I talk to myself). I find that if I wake up late and miss out on this time to commune with my spirit the whole day ends up being off. I become less able to focus and things tend to just not flow well. I feel that much of society has gotten caught up in the hustle and bustle of life – sacrificing a time of peace and quiet so that body and soul can balance – all to add a couple of extra minutes to get this or that frivolous thing done in our busy lives.

If we take a moment to look into nature we can easily see that the darkness of night doesn’t quickly switch to daylight like a light bulb. It takes time to flow from night to day. The stars require their time to twinkle with all their beauty in the darkness, while Mother Earth rests to nourish Her roots; much like our dreams need time to play out in our spirit and nourish our bodies with rest.  The moon requires the darkness of night so that the sun can reflect Her light to Him for us to see and be guided. Just like we need darkness so that our soul can reflect its love and teaching into our physical being. As the stars and moon fade with the sun’s approach, the darkness becomes more intense as if everything is completely quiet, and for a short time completely still – just in a state of peace, quiet, and reflection to the end of night’s cycle; preparing for the sun to bring forth a new dawn and circle to the day. I’ve been blessed with being able to be out in nature as this period of time passes. It holds a very powerful presence as all of night’s songs from the critters fade to silence. All of the nocturnal animals silent as they have entered their resting spot. Mother Earth has a calming silence about her. The trees stand quiet in a strong stance, and the darkness is blinding, allowing me to hear the rhythm of my heart pump life into the approaching dawn within me. I can hear the cleansing babble of a creek meandering down its path near me as the reflection of the moon fades off of the ripples in the water. If you’ve never experienced this time in nature, I would strongly suggest you take the opportunity to experience it.  It’s truly amazing and magical to hear the soul of nature’s daily renewal.

As the silence and renewal ends its cycle, the sun then begins its journey upward to bring light to the day. She slowly floats upward mixing her light with Mother Earth and Father Sky often creating beautiful purple, orange, and blue vibrant colors as she kisses everything with her loving light. Many flowers open their blooms to accept her kiss and shift focus from their roots to their flowers as they catch the morning dew. The waters then begin to sparkle and reflect as her light touches their current. The sounds of birds singing their soul song come forward to honor in the sun’s light and warmth. The squirrels begin their work gathering and building along with the beavers – slapping their tails into the water as they begin work on their dams. The deer enter into their morning feeding area to gain the nutrients and calories they need to sustain their lives. The fish start jumping and splashing out of the water as they see their food with the sun’s light above. Snakes move out into light to feel the sun’s warmth blanket them. And many of us humans enter into traffic jams with the sun glaring light into our paths. There always seems to be a hurriedness and energetic feel to nature as the sun makes her appearance to everything. All of nature is grateful to enter into a new dawn and sun cycle; giving thanks for the rest and renewal of night, so that energy could be put forth to beauty and growth with the day. All of nature moves with precision and connection as one; knowing it needs the darkness for its soul (roots) and the light for its being (flower) to be whole and heathy; to be balanced and equal.

As our society gets more and more technology-addicted, many of us have lost the ability to un- plug and sit in peace and quiet, feeling more and more that we have no need to stop or rest to keep up with time. We ultimately lose a healthy balance and flow resulting in the many afflictions we suffer as humans now. Shit, we can even take a cue from technology as it also requires time to reboot, refresh, recharge, restore. And if not done, what happens? That ear piercing noise of a fatal ERROR, which no “control + alt + delete” will fix.

So this week it’s time to work on finding the time to allow yourself to ease into the new day. Maybe try meditation, prayer, or even just sit on your ass. All work fine, as long as you can sit in peace and quiet so that your soul can balance with your body. Try to focus and witness how nature in your area eases into the new day. Maybe it slowly shifts the tides of the ocean you live by, or slowly heats the sandy soil outside your Arizona home. It can even slowly awaken the pigeon’s song above you in your city apartment, or slowly glitter the snow that covers your lawn as the sun peaks above the horizon. Then, try to come up with a way that resonates within you to mimic it within yourself. I think you will find that your body, mind, and spirit will flow as one in a much more balanced, healthy, refreshing, and effective way.

With light and love,

Tim Streett

20140816_152613 (3)Rev. Tim Streett is the Modern Ancient Healer. A spiritual minister, and shamanic healer.  He has used shamanism to guide him to healing from a near fatal encounter with Lyme disease. It is now his passion to serve as a vessel for spiritual healing, allowing others to be set free from the shackles of illness, be it mental or physical, or spiritual.  If you would like to consult with Tim he can be reached via email: or his site Modern Ancient Healer. 



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