The Meaning of Numbers

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The Meaning of Numbers

excerpt of The Meaning of Numbers written by Nicole Suzanne Brown
available March 2015

I was never any good at maths. I never understood the whole x + y = 5 stuff and the more my teacher would try to explain it the more I wondered why he thought those shirts went with those pants. Looking back on it, nothing in high school really did make sense.

It wasn’t until much later in my mid-twenties when I came across the book “The Life You Were Born To Live” by Dan Millman that I finally GOT the meaning of numbers. Suddenly, the meaning of numbers made sense to me! I could not only add, subtract and divide like a 5year old math prodigy, I could SEE numbers and the energy of those equations around people, and KNOW that that is WHY they do what they do. I understood that the Universe was entirely made up of mathematical equations and series of 1’s & 0’s that now that I understand what the number 1 and the number 0 mean, blows me away each and every day.
It was like the key to a lock I never knew I always had to open.

We are born with specific numbers and energies already established in our lives with our birth dates, this is true. But did you know that the meaning of numbers could be significant in not only your relationships, but your career, and where you choose to live?

The Meaning of Numbers – What do single numbers mean?
Let’s look closer at each number and what it represents.

The Meaning of Number 1
The number 1 represents singularity, independence, focus and at times stubbornness. If you constantly see the number 1, the Universe is asking you to remain focused on your task at hand. Be not swayed by another’s judgement or criticism. There may be times when you feel you are alone, and not being noticed. Ask yourself why you feel you need the approval of others? Do you exist for them? Let go of the need to be ‘seen’ and really FEEL the connection back to your heart center. You were born strong and independent for a reason. Be sure in the knowledge that you are a born leader.

The Meaning of Number 2
The number 2 represents duality, communication, relationship with self and at times a strong need to feel part of a larger community. If you constantly see the number 2, the Universe is asking you to see the larger picture. Are you wanting to be part of something bigger? Is there a need to start communicating your needs clearly and precisely? Ask yourself – are you being not only listened to, but really heard? Is there a need to speak up where before you remained quiet? Your voice and words are your strongest asset. The Universe is asking you to use your words wisely. Like a writer that can cut with a pen, your words can hold a sting in them that will last for eons. Know that there is great power in the words you choose. Choose them wisely.

The Meaning of Number 3
The number 3 represents the Trilogy and Faith. Faith in a higher presence yes, but most importantly faith in your own path, your own self. It is time now to give to yourself, THEN to others. The number 3 also represents money and wealth. Now, wealth could manifest as either abundance OR knowledge. Ask yourself, are you giving your wealth away? If you constantly see the number 3, the Universe is asking you to BELIEVE in your ‘self’. Have faith in the life path you have chosen (or about to choose). Be confident that the Universe is behind you 100%. Know that you will be looked after financially and abundantly. Be aligned with the wealth of your KNOWLEDGE as well as your monetary energy. Be sure to align yourself with what you are WORTH. Knowledge is a very, very powerful energy to be aligned with. Be sure you are not giving yours away for free.

The Meaning of Number 4
The number 4 represents building a strong foundation and balance. Balance in all aspects of your life. Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally and Mentally. Every aspect needs to have a strongly built foundation for which to grow from. If you constantly see the number 4, the Universe is asking you to take time in getting your own self ‘right’. Is there an aspect of yourself that you need to work on and make stronger before you forge ahead? Take notice of your sleeping and eating patterns. Are you giving your body the best foundation for optimal health? Is there an aspect in your career you need to work on before applying for a promotion or change of venue? Be aware of where you can nurture and build from in your own life. This is the time of building. Do not be rushed.

The Meaning of Number 5
The number 5 represents freedom from your own limitations, and the energy of “Fight or Flight”. If you constantly see the number 5, the Universe is asking you to focus on where you are holding limiting beliefs. Are you stopping yourself from starting a relationship because you feel too fat, too broke, too sad, too eccentric? Have you placed yourself in a situation you feel you are ‘stuck’ in and can never leave? Have you been living in such fear of change and the unknown it is literally all you now know? Where in your life have you imprisoned yourself? Does your temper get the better of you and you are constantly in fear of ridicule, isolation and live in a constant state of anxiety? Stop. Take a deep breath. Know that you are loved, that you are safe, that you can say no, or yes, or not now or I have to go. Allow yourself the chance to choose differently. Be safe in the knowledge that you will never make a wrong decision. Step away from the box you put yourself in. Reach out and ask for help.

The Meaning of Number 6
The number 6 represents family and friendships/relationships. If you constantly see the number 6, the Universe is asking you to connect back to your heart center. Have you recently lost a family member/friend that you felt your heart would be broken forever? Be still and know that you are loved. You are being led back to your heart center so that you can heal, you can mend and you can be loved. Allow others to look after you. Be aware of your need to be in control. Step back. Trust and understand that this is your rest time now. Everything is as it should be. There may be a feeling of concern or frustration around a Mother or Father figure. Go into those feelings and be aware that what you are feeling is your own frustration in acceptance and belonging.

The Meaning of Number 7
The number 7 represents life experience. If you constantly see the number 7, the Universe is hinting that you are about to go on an adventure, be it physical travel or spiritually (astral). There may be times when you feel you are constantly hitting brick walls in your relationships and career and the Universe is allowing you now to take stock of your past experiences, learn from them. Move on. There may be times when you are surrounded always by people and feel the need to find a new adventure to go to. Do not let boredom rule your life. Stay put. Breathe in. Ask the Universe what you need to learn from this experience right now? The answers may surprise you.

The Meaning of Number 8
The number 8 represents Universal balance in all things. It is the Universal symbol of the Alpha & Omega. The Beginning and The End. Karma. Infinity. It is the never ending energy of rebirth and death. If you constantly see the number 8, the Universe is asking you to remain vigilant in your thoughts, words and deeds. Be aware of the ENERGY of what you are putting out to the world. Are you constantly in the energy of blame or acceptance? Taking or Giving? Your life may feel like it is going through a major upheaval. Let it come. There will always be rebirth after death. A rainbow after the storm. Let go of what no longer serves you. Start again. Start anew. Become connected with all things, everywhere. Move as if you were one with the Universe. Allow the Universe to guide you.

The Meaning of Number 9
The number 9 represents completion. Now in some cases with the number 9 it can mean that you have felt that everything is always up to you to finalise, you are the one to end things, move on, let go of, take control of. If you constantly see the number 9, the Universe is asking you to have the strength to delegate. If you do not, there will be the energy of overwhelm and frustration. Is there a task or relationship you need to finalise for you to move forward. The Universe is reminding you to tie up all loose ends. A stepping into a new role is happening. No need to bring your past into the future.

The Meaning of Number 0
The number 0 represents Inner Gifts/Universal Knowledge. You may notice that you are beginning to focus on the number 0 more and more as we go through this millennium. The number 0 is so powerful in itself that it holds all Universal knowledge and power. If you constantly see the number 0, the Universe is asking you to allow your Inner Gift/Universal Knowledge to come forth. You were born for a purpose. It is time now to share your gifts and knowledge with humanity. The more you ignore this energy the more power you give it. Know that you were given this gifting and knowledge for the ultimate purpose – to ‘move’ the collective consciousness. You were born to make others feel more, be more, love more, laugh more, think more, strive for better, be the best. You are a gift from God, the Universe and Everything.

The Meaning of Numbers

excerpt of The Meaning of Numbers written by Nicole Suzanne Brown
available March 2015

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