The Meaning of Numbers Weekly Forecast 26th Jan – 1st Feb

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numerologyThe Meaning of Numbers
Weekly Forecast 26th Jan – 1st Feb

What do the Meaning of Numbers have in store for us this week? Firstly, how did you all go last week? Did you feel the urge to stand your ground? How about your dreams and goals? Were they more vivid, easier to accomplish? Are you ready to find out what’s in store for us this week? Me too! Let’s get started!

Last week was all about the focus on our communication – how we talk to others, self talk and how we talk about our finances to ourselves and too others. How did that all work out? I know for myself personally I was hit with a whammy from left field over a bill that was $3.35 late.. yup.. look at all those lovely 3’s and that gorgeous number 5 (bhahhaha.. Thanks Universe for the reminder that this year my focus is on financial freedom! (read about the meaning of number 3 & 5 here).

This week brings to light the NEED for balance and discernment over a financial situation and the NEED for your point to be heard.

With Mercury in Retrograde you may feel a need to panic and stop the momentum on what you have been working hard on. Try not to focus on other peoples opinions on what the energy is doing. Listen to your  own instincts this week. Let go of any judgements of what you have done in the past. A clear path is becoming visible to you. Trust that you are exactly where you are needed to be.

The Meaning of Numbers Day to Day forecast:

Monday 26th January, 2015
Monday is definitely a need to find balance in your finances. You may feel a tight pull towards just not caring, but that is ego talking. Buy yourself some time by focusing on what you can pay just this week. All others will fall into place. Be sure to understand that you are bringing the ‘experience’ to you with your own ‘pushing away from’ energy. Once you own up to the experience, then it will be learned and let go of.

Tuesday 27th January, 2015
Tuesday brings with it the new energy of release and completion. There will be added communication today from an unexpected (but pleasant) source. A need to be heard (not just listened to) will be high on the agenda today. Be sure to not let your emotions run your business and/or finances. A new idea is forming. Write it down, and let it sit for a while.

Wednesday 28th January, 2015
Wednesday will have you breathing a sigh of relief. A new fresh energy is forming, and it will be the answers to all your dreams. Allow the Universe to guide you. Let go of the need to control, and just have fun with today. An unexpected windfall will take place with someone close to you. Celebrate their good fortune. Yours is coming soon!

Thursday 29th January, 2015
Thursday is a Master 11 day! Your inner voice will be strong today, listen to it wisely. Communicate your needs today. This is the day to put any plans into action. Join a community of like minded people. Go on that blind date. Say YES, even if it scares you. Today, the Universe has your best interests at heart. Be honest, truthful in your thoughts, words and deeds and it will be the best day you have had so far this year!

Friday 30th January, 2015
Friday brings with it the energy of Faith and Finances. Find a way to let go of any stresses that you have carried with you from last year. Now is the time to let all of that go. If you need to communicate with a partner or friend about a debt, today will be favourable to do so. Buy yourself a gift that keeps on giving today.

Saturday 31st January, 2015
Saturday is THE day to lay your new path in life. Communicate any financial needs that need to be met for you to keep moving forward. If you are to move interstate, change jobs, or start a relationship, this will be a very good day to do so. Lay strong foundations down. Build slowly, do not rush. A clean break is what you have asked for. Take advantage of what is being offered.

Sunday 1st February, 2015
Sunday has you focusing on yourself and your wants and needs. Write down what you truly want out of life, and match up what you feel you need. Let go of all else that does not make the list. There may be heated words exchanged around you today. Do not get involved if you can help it. Meditate. Take a walk in nature. Be grateful for all things given. Exchange a gift. You’re on the path you need to be. Trust that the Universe is becoming aligned for your every dream to come true.

Stay tuned for next week’s The Meaning of Numbers weekly forecast.

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