The Meaning of Numbers – Weekly Forecast 19th – 25th January, 2015

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The Meaning of Numbers

Weekly Forecast 19th – 25th January, 2015

What do the Meaning of Numbers have in store for us this week? Firstly…Did you survive last week’s barrage of never ending thought and self criticism? Are you ready to shake it all off and embrace some fun energy? Me too!

Last week had us all in a bit of tail spin when it came to what our head was screaming at us, and we all did the best we could with what we had. Did you feel a need to run away or did you batten down the hatches and wait for the storm to pass? Either way, we need to have a huge group hug and pat on the back for what we all went through and come out the other side ready to love more freely, openly and communicative.

This week brings to light the need to refocus on YOUR wants and needs and stay strong in your convictions.

With the plethora of information that is coming through from outside sources, you may feel an “Unease” or “shifting” in your energies. Be aware that your ‘flight or fight’ responses will be on edge at the end of the week, and be sure to mean what you say, because hearts may be broken.

The Meaning of Numbers Day to Day forecast:

Monday: 19th January, 2015
Monday will start you off with a sense of urgency to get things completed that you have put off for far too long. There will be a need to “clean house” in your emotional and physical state and a re-checking of your budget/finances will be at the forefront of your mind. A family situation may shed some light on why you haven’t been sleeping.

Tuesday: 20th January, 2015
Tuesday will bring forward a need to communicate your wants and needs. There has been a burning desire within you to change your surroundings, now is the time to start putting that plan into action. Research is high on the agenda today, and you may find an unexpected windfall of good fortune. Be sure to acknowledge where it came from and the need to ‘save’ people with your good fortune. Ask yourself, was this given to pass on, or as an acknowledgement of my own worth?

Wednesday: 21st January, 2015
Wednesday has you wanting to give to yourself more. A time to breathe, and not limited yourself by past mistakes. A freedom is being felt around a situation giving you more of a pull to change and move forward. Balance is needed in your diet as you may experience ‘gut’ problems due to food intolerance. A time to listen to what your body is telling you.

Thursday: 22nd January, 2015
Thursday has you building momentum in your plans, but be sure to communicate your needs with those around you. A feeling of mistrust with a relationship will have you hashing out old hurts. Trust your voice, you will be listened today. Speak from an open heart and all will be fine.

Friday: 23rd January, 2015
Friday shows you the freedom you will feel in your financial situation. A faith that all will be revealed in good time. A time for good friend to reveal their love for you. Be kind in your emotions. Feel BEFORE you speak. A time for you to trust in your instincts, as well as the Universe.

Saturday: 24th January, 2015
Saturday is the day for connection, romance, and a growing love. You will find a need to build upon something that you thought was long forgotten. Connections with a far away friend. Laughter brings tears. Happiness brings a reawakening of sense of self. A great time to try to fall pregnant.

Sunday: 25th January, 2015
Sunday reminds you of how far you have come in just a short time. The experience of travel reminds you that you are never ‘stuck’ and small embers start to be fanned on a new path to take. Listen to your own self talk. Clear out any negativity surrounding money. Consolidate and let go of that which no longer serves you. Become aware of where your energy/money/time goes to. Dreams appearing real.

Stay tuned for next weeks The Meaning of Numbers weekly forecast.
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