The Meaning of Numbers Forecast 2nd – 8th February

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master-numbersThe Meaning of Numbers
Weekly Forecast 2nd – 8th February, 2015

What do the Meaning of Numbers have in store for us this week? Well, holy guacamole are you ready to be BLOWN AWAY by the UNIVERSE!? This week has not, 1, not 2 but 7 Master Number vibration days! (read about the Master Numbers here and here and here).

Let’s just back up a bit and see how we all fared last week. Did you find the strength in your convictions and were you aware of how your voice sounded when standing firm to a personal decision? Last week had us all feeling we were vulnerably awesome. Did you feel it? Did you react or respond? I know for myself I was able to find the strength to let go of a lot of stresses and anxiety to do with past financial relationships. But I had to ask for help. And that was when the feeling of vulnerability came in. But, I’m happy to say that it all work out in the end (doesn’t it always??).

This week brings with it the energy of Universal acknowledgement. A new love of self is found and a letting go of old ways. Universal pathways begin to open for all who walk in their truth.

With so much energy on ‘out there’ in the ‘wide world’, this week will have us focusing more closely on our own home, relationships and the joy, laughter, love and acceptance we feel when we truly allow ourselves to just “BE” ourselves.
Be aware of the direction you are heading this week, especially on Thursday and Friday where tempers may be frayed somewhat over a prior engagement.

The Meaning of Numbers Day to Day Forecast:

Monday 2nd February, 2015
Monday starts off us with a BANG with the Master number 22 presenting itself first and foremost. Coupled with Universal energy, what happens on Monday will take you through the rest of the week. So if you woke on the wrong side of the bed this morning, choose a different mood, get happy real quick, otherwise you have no one to blame but yourself. Some may feel a tightness of the throat this day, as the Universe is allowing you to let go of the ‘inner blame game’, which will free up your thoughts and your voice. Recognise the need to chat with a dear old friend, even if departed, as they may just have something to say.

Tuesday 3rd February, 2015 (Full Moon energy)
Tuesday brings with it the Master number 33 in all it’s glorified beauty. Faith and resolve is linked hand and hand today and the Universe is letting you know that it is OK to walk away. Be strong in the faith that every thing always works out in the end. Allow and let go. Let go and allow. Be kinder to yourself today. Spend energy on yourself, not money, for today is the day of contemplation not materialistic need. Feed the hole you may feel with love, laughter, good food and clean water. Bring in to your life the energy that you wish to live. Stay close to home if you can.
The Full Moon will intensify all energy linked with the number 3 in your life. Show gratitude. Be kind.

Wednesday 4th February, 2015
Wednesday has us feeling on top of the world this week. And with good reason. With the Master Number 44 presenting itself within multi-dimensional hidden layers of numerology, there lies such a strong foundation with this days energy. Remembering that the meaning of number 4 is strength, today is the day to find any fault in your plans for the future and fix them. Are you feeling nervous about an outcome? Give it to the Universe and go about your day. Do not feed your fears today.

Thursday 5th February, 2015
Thursday allows us to feel energised with the ‘unknowing’ that the Universe provides. The Master Number 55 is prominent today, and may have you feeling a little on edge. This is definitely the day to be aware of what (and most importantly who, you are drawing towards you). You will feel a need to travel, to be in open spaces today. If you cannot do that where you are, go there in your mind. A need to connect back to the Universe is much needed, as you may attach yourself to the brightest of shiniest things and feel a hollowness bubble forward. Do not be swayed by your past today. Stand firm, speak quietly, and allow the Universal signposts to start pointing you in YOUR right direction.

Friday 6th February, 2015
Friday brings with it a need to feel a connection with family and friends. The Master Number 66 is prominent today, and you may feel a strong feminine energy is beginning to have power. If this is you, embrace your inner power and acknowledge how strong you are, how much inner strength you truly have had in your life, and how you have called on that power in the past to get you to this future, now. If it is a feminine energy that is close to you, allow them the space they need to voice their feelings. Emotions may run high today. Let them run. Speak with only love.

Saturday 7th February, 2015
Saturday will have you experiencing something new that you have wished for, for a very long time. With the Master Number 7 bringing with it new and old experiences to entwine and dare you to dream higher. The Universe always, ALWAYS will give you what you asked for. Are you happy now? Is it all you imagined it would be? If yes, allow gratitude to be voiced through laughter, love, happiness and joy. If you feel you have made a mistake, received all you wanted and found yourself wishing for better, for more, for the past. Stop. Take stock of what you are thinking. Let go of the need to please. Allow the Universe it’s own energy. Realise that you can change every part of your life with just one thought. If you are not in the space or place you feel you need to be. Change. Your. Mind.

Sunday 8th February, 2015
Sunday, with it’s gorgeous Master Number 8, laying just beneath the surface of our three dimensional understanding, brings with it the need to commune with nature once again. The need to feel grounded. Balanced. Left to rest in the energy that you have just gone through during the week. Take your shoes off and earth your feet in dirt, sand or sea. Sit and watch a tree sway in the breeze. Get back to your roots today. Feel the Universal energy pulsating throughout your very being. Today will hold amazing significance. Do not take it for granted.

Stay tuned for next week’s The Meaning of Numbers weekly forecast.

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