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The Meaning of Feathers
written by Trudie Ann Moore.

In my healing work I touch two realms – the earth, with my shamanic Soul Surgery healing, and the sky with  angelic toning. Feathers bridge both these worlds.

I don’t know of anyone who is not delighted when they either find, or are given a feather.

Over many generations, sayings connected to feathers have developed like: “Birds of a feather flock together”, “To feather your nest”, “You could have knocked me over with a feather”, “Fine feathered friends”, “To ruffle someone’s feathers”, “To be tarred and feathered”, “To smooth someone’s feathers”, “To shake a tail feather”, “It’s as light as a feather”, “A feather in your cap”.

The colours of feathers  have a meaning, white feathers for peace and calling a truce, peacock feathers for pride, red feathers for war and strength.

On the direction of the angels I began to collect feathers and also to buy some dyed feathers. My partner was rather puzzled by this, and asked  “why are we hunting feathers?” I  said that one particular angel was most insistent that this be done. Because of this  I find feathers in front of my feet, or people are giving them to me. It is a joyous, magical mystery tour and I am having fun.

Out of all the traces of the animals, feathers are the easiest to find. It takes a special moment, a sacred space, to see the beauty of a feather.

Birds leave their feathers as messages to us, on the grass when we are walking the dog, next to our car, on the front door mat, and usually we can’t miss seeing them.  Feathers give you gifts to tell you who you are and what you are to do. Each time you pick up a feather it is a reminder that you are on the right path and that your life is sacred again.

The phrase “A little bird told me” came from a time when birds were watched to divine the future. Birds in the home are believed to increase the memory and mental powers of those residing there.  A grey feather attached to a package sends good fortune to your friend, while a blue one ensures health, and green increases money.

Some cultures believe if you make a little wreath of feathers and place it beneath a sick person’s pillow, it will speed their recovery.

In olden times, feathers were placed in doorways with the intent of halting wandering children from passing through, and were also burned beneath the bed during a difficult childbirth to ease the process.

Feathers symbolise peace, upliftment, joy and lightness. Use them as a portal to the higher realm of light.
They are a passport to the angelic realms where your spirit can take flight.

  • RED:       Physical vitality, courage, good fortune and life force.
  • BLUE: Enhance our mental abilities, peace, and protection and psychic awareness
  • YELLOW:  cheerfulness, mental alertness, prosperity, and blessings from the sun.
  • GREEN:    Symbolize money, prosperity, growth health and fertility.
  • ORANGE:  Bring attraction, energy and success
  • PINK:       Unconditional love and inspiration
  • GRAY:      peace and neutrality
  • BROWN:   feathers give stability and respect. They  represent the home and grounding.
  • BROWN Striped with black (like the tail feathers of a pheasant): gives balance between the physical & spiritual life.
  • BROWN with white:  brings happiness and give a kind of protection that enables you to go un-noticed amidst those who would harm you.
  • BLACK: Give the mystical wisdom that comes with true  spiritual initiation
  • BLACK with a shine or irradescence: gives mystical insight
  • BLACK & white mixed feathers:  give union and protection
  • BLACK or grey feathers banded or mixed with white: give home, balance, and harmony
  • BLACK mixed with purple: means deep spirituality
  • BLACK white & blue mixed feathers: bring change.

Feathers speak to us of flight, of freedom, of going beyond boundaries, of getting “above it all,” or of the need to let go and travel light. In many cultures, they carried prayers to heavenly gods and bestowed extraordinary powers in battle.

Above all, feathers come to us as gifts. They come from the sky, from the sea, from trees and deep grasses, even appearing within enclosed spaces never inhabited by winged creatures. They come to us unexpectedly, but not without purpose. Their messages may be startling, soothing or sudden, but they are always an opportunity for seeing – for finding answers to questions we may not even have known we were asking.
What, then, is a feather? It is a part of a bird’s body, and it is a part of us. It exists for itself, to serve its primary purpose in the cosmos, and it exists in alliance with every other aspect of the cosmos. Just as we bring life-inspiring messages for others while simply fulfilling our own lives, so do feathers bring their messages to us. They remind us that we walk in a world overflowing with meaning.

I asked the angels about feathers in their sky realm, and they explained to me that  their wings take on the appearance of bird-like feathers, yet are composed of filaments of light which have the ability to change frequency density as they move through the various dimensions and are utilised for many tasks. They hold, direct, and deflect a multitude of emanations and are also used to create portals or doorways into other dimensions.

They can expand their feathered wings  into whole grid-works of light which are the foundation of inter-galactic energy platforms which are used by the Elohim to hold new sub-atomic life forms pulsed into being by the Creator. Their wings can be more subtle and lighter than air and stronger than steel. They are a living, breathing, intelligent organism that are wondrous to behold in God’s creation.

We might not have feathers from angel wings falling out of the sky, but next time you are out and about, and you are seeking a message, confirmation you are on the right path, or direction, as the birds to send you a feather, and I am sure one will cross your path.

In shamanic healing work, feathers are used to meditate with, journey with, and to comb the aura.


We will begin by aligning our energies with our feather.

  • Rest the feather on your lap
  • Begin slow rhythmic breathing. Keep your breath slow inhaling for a count of four and exhaling for a count of four. Feel yourself relaxing more deeply with each breath.
  • Bring to your mind the image of the bird. Mentally review all of its qualities and characteristics.
  • Now visualise the bird in flight, free and strong within your mind. As you observe its flight see it radiating the qualities you have come to associate with it.
  • Now pick up your feather and hold it by its stem in both hands several inches in front of your mouth. Keep your eyes closed and imagine its wing movement while in flight. As you focus on this, allow your breathing to follow that same rhythm. As the wings move down you inhale, as they move up you exhale. This may seem strange but birds breathe the opposite of humans.
  • With each breath out, exhale on the feather. Envision this as a means of both honouring the power of flight and also of uniting your life breath with their life breath of your bird totem. Continue this breathing for a minute of two. Visualise this as a breathing of new life into the feather and the archetype forces behind it.
  • As you do this you should begin to feel a slight vibration in the stem of the feather. It may be a tingling, a sense of increased pressure, a warmth or some such feeling. This feeling will encompass both hands, as the energy of the feather comes to life and affects the air around it..
  • As you hold the feather, try to imagine the energy surrounding the feather moving up your arms and into your body. You may feel it, see it, sense it, or simply imagine it. Remember all energy follows thought, and birds rule the realm of thought. Take a few moments and visualize the energy of the bird awakening in you.

I hope your meditations take flight with the wonderful world of feathers.

trudie moore picTrudie Ann Moore has been doing Shamanic Healing for over 30 years and did many years extensive training with a respected Shaman & teacher.

To read more about Trudie’s work, or inquire about an appointment for a “Soul Surgery” healing session, visit or contact her on: 0403-544-863




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  1. nicole November 12, 2013 at 4:13 pm - 

    Love this article by Trudie! Whenever I find a feather (or it finds me!) I head straight to this page to check out it’s meaning 🙂

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The Meaning of Feathers

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