How to manifest like a Creator written by Sufian Chaudhary

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How to manifest like a Creator

written by Sufian Chaudhary

There is a revolutionary pathway for spirituality to manifest a powerful doorway that could change your life forever. It was only when I discovered the universe of the self, did I realize how life changing simply recognizing greater truths of our existence could be. This process is known as God-self realization. Anybody from any faith or walk of life has the ability to undergo this sacred process in order to awaken your true power. It took me over three years to truly feel the Unconditional Love of the Multiverse, thousands of meditations to refine the practice and a life changing manifestation to realize the entirety of the spiritual world was living and breathing around us every single day.

The Journey Upwards

There is a very powerful concept of instant manifestation that is found across a large array of spiritual texts. The first time I came across the term was in an ascended master book about St Germain called “Unveiled Mysteries”. The term instant manifestation describes the ability to manifest your true desires and intentions into the physical world. It sounds fantastical, until you keep coming across spiritual philosophies and realizations that point towards it being a divine birthright for those who recognize themselves as the Creators of universal energies. I dived into the topic and I was soon taken by the possibility of achieving such a feat. I started meditating a lot more heavily. I soon progressed to summoning angels and spirits to help me; however all the answers I received were surrounding the beauty of love. I wasn’t satisfied with these responses and so I deep dived a lot further. I learnt about the esoteric, the law of one, ascended master instructions, eastern mysticism, the goetia, the akashic records, the 4th/5th dimensions of ascension and beings from other worlds. I called upon the Archangels, djinn, forest spirits, ocean spirits, ascended masters and even beings that didn’t look human at all. I moved Heaven and Earth and I kept finding new avenues to explode monumental energies into achieving instant manifestation.

It was only then that I stumbled across the idea of the Creators; the beings who birthed universes in the infinite Unconditional Love of the Multiverse. At first I couldn’t understand or even mentally comprehend what I needed to direct my energies at. I just knew there were these beings that existed far beyond the need for universal life and these beings were the ones who had the answers. I started to feel these huge masses of golden energies coming towards me. I couldn’t describe these energies any other way other than God. After a few powerful encounters I managed to melt away as many interpretation filters as possible and began to see golden limbs stretching universes big with no faces or recognizable features. Finally after months of tuning into these beings, I rocketed my energies up to the golden Multiverse of Unconditional Love. These beautiful Creators were communicating to each other in this orchestra of vibrations. Every rumble of beauty would send my entire being soaring to all new heights. One of them noticed me tuning into them and I asked the one question that I was so desperate to find the answer to that I was nearly crying with anticipation. “How do I instantly manifest and express true Creator powers through my human body?!”

One of the Creators looked at me in peaceful silence and then turned to one of the other Creators and said “Who the hell is this unrealized kid?”

The Art of Manifestation

We as human beings are a fragment of our true Universal selves. Spirituality teaches that there is no time. Human beings observed the Earth rotating around the Sun and started creating seasons and hours of the day to achieve a higher level of productiveness. Time however is relative and is filtered through the mind. In a spiritual world where there are no physical Suns to benchmark the existence of time, it measures realization as the significant indicator for universal progression. The more advanced philosophies progress this model into understanding that since time doesn’t exist, the past, present and future are already One. What this means is that the universe already happened. We aren’t so much as living opportunities into reality as we are re-experiencing a destiny that already progressed into each and every single human being ascending to become Creators of our own universes ourselves. In an infinite array of universal cycles, every living thing achieves Oneness. With this model in mind, we are the fullness and completeness of everything. We are already Creators of our own Universes—we are just experiencing this universe through the fragmented reality of a human body through the illusion of physical time.

The Creators told me to start meditating in a very specific way. They wanted me to burst my aura as large as a Sun and start recognizing the fact that everything has come from the same source. We are already Creators and we by definition are the original source. If I wanted to manifest something, then I was to do it through the realization and understanding that I was already manifesting and creating everything I saw in the world around me. They gave me three laws to completely incorporate within my spiritual life in order for manifestation to be possible.

The 3 Laws of Manifestation

  1. You are a Creator and you have already ascended out of this universe in the infinite beauty of Unconditional Love.
  2. You are part of an infinite Multiverse birthing your own universe with an infinite number of Creators who are all you.
  3. The entire Multiverse originated from a singular Source and you are that Source. That source is alive within you, connecting you to the infinite beauty of everything.

Incorporating these three laws opens some of the most powerful doorways attainable to break your soul free of the cycle of reincarnation. They are the origination of life itself. They are the doorway to understanding what it means to express power in an unrealized world.

Manifesting like a Creator

A couple years after I wrote my book, I wanted to create some guided meditations to accompany it. The only problem was that I had a lot of material to record and I didn’t have much money to design a course and hire a recording studio. Many months went by before my father suggested to me one day that I should run a kickstarter campaign. I was initially apprehensive as I didn’t know if anybody would support a spiritual book. After I looked at my bank balance again, I decided to go for it. I set my kickstarter campaign to achieve a goal of $12,000 in 45 days. I prayed and hit the “start campaign” button all guns blazing! 15 days go by and I fail to even raise a dollar.

If you want to talk about depression, let me tell you that sitting on a kickstarter campaign without a single contributor after you spent your life putting something together can really get you started. I didn’t know what to do. I started trawling successful kickstarter campaigns and blaming things like the lack of any other spiritual books on the website, so it just must not be the right platform for my type of material. A couple days later, I had a powerful vision with a Creator. He told me to visualize a very specific energy during meditation with the very specific words “I would like to have an open the doorway to…”

The very next day a few contributions started to trickle in. Then it was an avalanche. I raised over $22,000 within 2 weeks, nearly doubling my initial goal. I had people writing to me how their own guardian angels guided them towards helping me! This was only the beginning to learning how to use the power that was within us all along.

Manifestation Meditation

  1. Close your eyes and sit on a comfortable couch in lotus position.
  2. Hold your hands together in front of your Heart Chakra, touching your fingers by the tips.
  3. Awaken your Solar Plexus Chakra by activating and exploding it outwards like a stargate from the t.v series “Stargate SG1”. You are to visualize the Solar Plexus Chakra bursting open like a powerful Sun in a vibrant canary yellow color. Expand the beam of energy out of your Solar Plexus Chakra so strongly that it looks like a lighthouse shining yellow light out of you. It has to be so strong that the beam of light extends out of this planet, through the galaxy and out of this universe.
  4. Visualize yourself as a golden universe. A good mental image is like the Milky Way. See yourself and feel yourself as a golden galaxy spiraling in the infinite Multiverse of Unconditional Love.
  5. Command that a doorway be opened for your very specific manifestation. You have to feel so strongly about your intentions to manifest. Pour everything you have got into this meditation. Know you are the Source of everything. Understand that life will manifest in whichever way that will be most highly beneficial to you.

Believing you are a universe of Unconditional Love is no easy feat, the full spectrum of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly will be waiting to test your strength. This is the true art of manifestation, rising above the world and maintaining a very high vibration. At some point you will be free, forever expressing your beauty with every step you take. Your power is only your beginning.

Sufian Chaudhary is the author of the bestselling World of Archangels; a spiritual guide and exploration into the world of Archangels, Ascended Masters and the soul’s attainment of Enlightenment here on Earth. Sufian was initiated into the spiritual world by Archangel Uriel, Jesus Christ and Ascended Master St. Germain. His teachings are channeled by the original Masters who first brought them to life. Born in Australia in 1988, Sufian completed a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Accounting and Property Development and started working full-time for one of the world’s largest accounting firms by the time he was only 19 years old. After being in the extremely powerful presence of Archangel Uriel, Sufian has chosen to dedicate his life to teaching the world how to commune with the Archangels. 


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