Lessons from Lysistrata: In Unity There Is Strength

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Switchboard to the Stars with Madeleine St.Jacques

“Lessons from Lysistrata – In Unity There is Strength”

– September 1, 2014 –


Hello you brilliant beacons of light!

So today my guides are speaking to me through Greek dramas, specifically Lysistrata by Aristophanes.

Why Lysistrata? I wondered. This is not the usual vehicle for the channeled messages I receive, but please bear with me. They never disappoint and always have a clever way of making a statement.

A Little Background for those who may be unfamiliar (believe me, this is as much for my benefit as it is yours because I am by no means a scholar of Greek plays. I am just relating the themes as I receive them and their relevance.

Setting: 411 BC, the 20th year of the Peloponnesian War between the rival Greek city states of Athens and Sparta.

Type of Play: (this detail caught my attention)  “Old Comedy”;  A genre of comedy that used  satire and caricature to ridicule public figures, politics, ideas, trends, and institutions.

Beginning to get an idea of what my celestial neighbors are looking to say, I carried on with my guided research:

Who Is Lysistrata?
An Athens housewife who invites women from the regions at war to gather at the Acropolis in Athens for an urgent meeting. She wanted to end the war, so guess how she did it? The women barricade themselves in the acropolis and go on a sex strike to persuade their husbands to stop the Peloponnesian War.

Have I got your attention now, dear readers? The next piece of the puzzle they guided me to really grabbed me though…

Guess what the meaning of Lysistrata’s name is??

Lysistrata, loosely translated, means disarmer of warriors, deliverer from war, advocate of peace, and peacemaker.

Well knock me over with a feather!

Pretty relevant, yes? Did you know that in 2003, as part of a worldwide protest against the impending U.S. invasion of Iraq, 60 countries staged more than a thousand performances of Lysistrata to demonstrate the folly of war?

Themes in Lysistrata

  • peace
  • war is a senseless waste of lives, money, and energy; and it divides nations and families.
  • Although men hold all the power in Greek society, they lack the wisdom, common sense and peaceful nature of Greek women (what point do you suppose my guides are trying to make here?)
  • In unity, there is strength.

{Thanks to Cummings Study Guides for aiding in my research.}

They’re telling me at this point that their message is complete and you now have all the necessary elements to connect the dots. Well played guides, well played.

So, tying it all together now, the key concepts The Collective is showing us are:

  • Feminine Principle;
  • The folly and destruction of war
  • Shifting paradigms
  • Power struggles between men and women;
  • Gender roles
  • Relinquishing power as we know it in favor of Unity and Peace


The Channeled Artwork for This Week


“Gender Unity” – by Madeleine St.Jacques

And there you have it loves.

I don’t know about you, but I am in awe of the rich tapestry the collective has woven for us today.

And I’m loving the shift in their delivery – they’re taking us on a journey that requires trust and not always spoon-feeding us the information. It requires a more engaged and active participation on our part. Are you up to the task? ♥

Until next time,

Wishing you Peace in Mind, Body, and Spirit


new headshot(2)Madeleine St. Jacques is a conscious channel, writer, and artist skilled in Energy Healing, Coaching/Personal Development, and Awakening insight and intuition in others. She receives and shares energetic transmissions of encoded images, symbols, and artwork designed to activate a process of deep awareness and healing with joy, gentleness, and ease. Madeleine’s passion is helping you find a place of peace that we all have within us.  Madeleine is ordained as a priest in the Order of Melchizedek. Learn more about Madeleine and her work, here:


Twitter: @alchemyarts74

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