The Layers Behind Fat

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Energetically Speaking:

The Layers Behind Fat
written by Brooke Hart

chakrasBeing overweight or obese are keywords for the globe.  While there are diet plans, exercise support groups and health fads trending, obesity is still layering in at higher and higher rates.  As of 2014, obesity has quadrupled since 1980 with over 904 million people facing the difficulties of weight and maintenance of one’s health with body fat. 

There are many shifts that are taking physically to try to change the ratios of obesity and being overweight.  Diet, eating healthier / organic foods and exercise formulas are continuing to rise with the needs of those who are facing the need to change their lifestyle plan.  There is one question that comes to mind with the trends and diets and exercises that are evolving into society.  Why does there continuously need to be a new fad or trend in diet and exercise with the rise in obesity still growing?

There is an energetic behind being overweight.  It is a parallel in our energetic field that is causing many of us to fall into being in the rising statistics, whether it is from a yo – yo diet or from continuously trying to find a new formula.  The specific energetics starts in the belly around the lower chakras (1st – 3rd).  When one begins to balance and raise the energetics of these chakras, weight, specifically belly fat, will begin to fall off and what once seemed to be a diet or lifestyle of exercise will turn into a natural and comfortable way to be.

The Energetics of Weight

There are personal associations with weight that are related to our lower chakras.  The most common are holding patterns and the need to be protected.  When one feels that they need to protect themselves from something, they tend to constrict or hold back.  Maybe you can think of an example of this when you felt like you were being attacked by someone or were in a fight with a friend where you held back or blocked yourself from potential harm.  If your energetics receive this as a communication, they will respond by adding in layers so your body is protected.

The holding patterns associated with weight come from the main associations with the chakras.  The lower chakras are denser and the vibrational energy moves slower.  They are responsible for relationships, money, self – worth, body image, the physical relationship to the world and the way that one survives in the world.  Evaluate whether you hold back with any one of these in your career or relationships.  Evaluate if you are stressed in any of these situations where it causes you to act or re-act in a certain way that may not be authentic.  These lead to imbalances, disharmony, holding patterns and weight.

An interesting factor with weight is with stress.  Not only are statistics with obesity rising, so is stress.  These are in parallel with each other.  This is one of the most hazardous problems in society.  When one is stressed, their survival mechanisms respond.  It begins at the third eye / pituitary gland and hypothalamus, which then falls into the liver and eventually the root chakra.  When this occurs, it stimulates the survival mechanism and fight or flight response.  The natural response with fight or flight would be to get out of the stressful situation, shake it off and recover from the trauma.  But if you are in relationships, career, family or in a routine that requires daily stress, you aren’t shaking it off.  A holding pattern of the stress is created and recycles over and over again.  Mis – aligned and imbalanced energies are created through the chakra systems, leading to self – image that isn’t of the true self.

At another level, the responses that are created link back to the chemical responses in the body.  This makes one feel certain ways and respond with the mind and the heart.  It moves back into the mind of what one needs and into the emotions or energy in motion of what one should do.  Eating emotionally or responding with certain energy then triggers the chakra systems for survival and stress, creating an even higher imbalance if the energetics continues to remain out of sync. 

For instance, have you seen someone that is highly stressed all the time and is moving quickly or shifting back and forth while they work?  Their lower energetics are in a fight or flight mode, causing their lower chakras to move at an unstable rate and leading to imbalances.  The result is an imbalance in body type, either by gaining weight for protection or moving into the opposite direction of not being able to maintain any weight at all.

Analyzing & Changing Your Energetics

Each individual differs with their energetics and how it relates to their chakras and response systems.  While these are the main scenarios, it may not directly describe energetics and imbalances that you are facing which causes you to be outside of your true body image.  The analysis that must take place first with each individual is how they are responding and interacting with systems as well as what this means. 

At the root of every energetic is a series of subconscious patterns and habits that one holds to.  When something happens, you decide how you respond.  This may come from subconscious beliefs, training from family or society or even deeper links to your energetics.  The deeper you dive into your subconscious and energetic patterns, the more you will find out why you are holding energy, ways in which it is blocked and what you need to do in order to reverse or change the pattern.

For instance, if you are in a career field that is highly stressful, you may be responding with stress.  Instead of continuing with the stressful response, stop the pattern and reverse it with an alternative response.  This is a simplified way of changing your energetics.  However, your energy field will begin to respond.  You are communicating with your astral body about what is happening and what it needs to do.  You can master stressful situations and scenarios with your energetics instead of becoming victim to them and trying to protect yourself or hold back from your true self with them.

As you change your energy, your body will begin to follow.  There are many times that my own energetic changes or my work with others has led to a completely different look.  Many will look 10 years younger almost instantly.  Your body will start to move into its spiritual form, which looks more natural.  Body weight can slide off with little to no effort because the energetics and the re – alignment of your chakras won’t need the weight and won’t hold what no longer fits.

The things that tasted good to you before may alter in their texture and enjoyment.  What once seemed to be a lot of movement may seem to be very little and you may need more.  You may find yourself desiring to dance more, do Yoga or even alter your bio – rhythms. 

As you follow your energetics, you will find that there are alterations in the way your physical body lives.  The energy fields that surround you are the most important.  While they are more subtle and not seen in the density of the physical body, they create an alteration in every aspect of one’s life. 

By simply altering the way that you perceive, respond and pattern into a situation, the idea of being overweight or obese will become irrelevant.  So will body fat and so will any mis-perceptions about your self – image and true beauty.

Be beautiful.

brooke headshotBrooke Hart is the executive director, entrepreneur and shamanic healer at the Omatrix Center.  She specializes in energetic healing and medicine as well as empowerment programs and spiritual teachings that allow one to find their soul purpose at this time.  She holds a vision that every individual can become empowered and into their true self through healing and with tools, such as technology, that assist them in their soul evolution and development.  Her work expands into shamanic practices, energy healing and women’s empowerment.  She also works within the business realm with Internet Marketing, strategic development and technological solutions.  Her desire is to provide a gateway from Heaven to Earth, where spiritual practices are a foundation in every area of our lives.  She is currently the author of the books, The Science and Spirit of Energy Medicine and The Power of Awakening, and is the composer of the CD, Whispers of Light.  

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