The Law Of Attraction created my business written by Jaime Sky

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The Law Of Attraction created my business
written by Jaime Sky

I came home from work, disheveled, disheartened and discouraged. I was a Vet Nurse and although I enjoyed it, it wasn’t my passion. It was driving me…not to great heights…more like into the ground and I was exhausted and burnt out.

As I sat down on the lounge, complaining about my day, my girlfriend presents a tee shirt to me that she had shoved somewhere in the back of her closet.

“Do you like this tee shirt? I haven’t worn this in ages” she says to me, eyeing it up and down.

“No…I don’t” I said, in the middle of my outburst “Perhaps we should make our own tee shirts….at least I would like what you are wearing” I said laughing.

We looked at each other and said LETS DO IT!!!

And then The Law Of Attraction entered our lives.

LOAI had heard about The Law Of Attraction, and although I didn’t consciously practice it, I was certainly aware that you create the world live in. I decided to watch The Secret DVD to understand the full depth, concept and meaning of The Law Of Attraction and how I can utilize it in my life and with our new business venture.

My girlfriend and I had our own responsibilities in regards to the business. She was the designer, the creator and the concept maker. I, on the other hand, was the marketing and advertising coordinator and the sales representative.

The designs were completed and the tee shirts were manufactured and now it was up to me…..the advertising and marketing coordinator to present our line and sell it to the world…with no models, no photographer, no make up artist and certainly no hair stylist  coupled with no idea how to do it.

I handed it over to the universe and informed it that I needed a model that was of medium height, slim and fit in appearance in their early 20’s with long dark brown straight hair. Not only that, I also requested the universe scout me a hair stylist, a make up artist and a photographer that will do all this for free. I ended it by saying “good luck Universe, show me what you’ve got”

Well the universe did show me, like a bolt from the blue. It knocked me sideways and nearly blindsided me in the process.

I went to work the following day and I casually told a work mate that we had designed some tee shirts and that they have been manufactured and that I have boxes of them in my bedroom. I urged her to keep this news bulletin to herself as I didn’t think the boss would take too kindly my new business interfering with my duties.

“My daughters a model. If you are looking for a model to model your tee shirts, let me know” she said as she wasLOA1 -RH filing paperwork.

“what does she look like?” I asked curiously

She showed me a photo of her daughter on her phone, and sure enough she was medium height, fit and healthy and had long dark brown straight hair.

“She just turned 22. She’s studying Nutrition at University but does modeling on the side” she continued saying.

“How much does she charge?” I asked, now more keen and eager than ever.

“She will do it for you for free” she said as she left the office.

I was stunned. This Law Of Attraction stuff really does work!

A week later I admitted a puppy into hospital for routine surgery. I was having a lovely and interesting conversation with the owner. She projected charisma and spunk and I instantly liked her. I asked what this vibrant woman did as a career.

“I’m a hair stylist. I go to several salons and train hair stylists to become the best in the business” she said.

I mentioned that I had a photo shoot coming up and that I have the model booked, but needed a hair stylist and if she would be interested in doing it.

“Sure, I would love to do it. I will also bring along a make up artist too, she would like the experience and the exposure would benefit her confidence if that’s ok?” she said

“How much do you charge?” I asked keenly

“We will do it for free. You are always so kind to my animals, it’s the least I can do. Call me when you’re ready”

And with that I said my goodbyes and threw my hands in the air and yelled THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!

All I needed now was a photographer and I was feeling anxious and agitated. 2 weeks had gone by since the universe gave me the hair stylist with the make up artist thrown in as a bonus, and now I had everyone booked except the photographer.

My friend rang me a few days later and was concerned that we hadn’t spoken in what seemed like months. I hadn’t seen any of my friends since my new enterprise and my new job title of entrepreneur and having no idea what that exactly entails, was keeping me very busy. All I knew was I didn’t have a photographer .

As I was blurting all my stresses out to her, I randomly asked her and almost laughing at the thought, if she happened to know any photographers that would help me out for free.

“Well as a matter of fact I do” she said.

By this stage, I started to get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the Universe and the ferocity of what it was capable of.

After meditating (which was also a new concept to me) and adapting to The Law Of Attraction, I started using it daily along with the feeling of expectance, and things still manifest…whether it be a free coffee or recently…..a free filing cabinet

I know our business venture will be a success. With the Universe on my side, my guardian angels cheering me on and with The Law Of Attraction backing me up…..I ask…

How can it not???  

Jaime Sky
Creator of SilentEarth Clothing Co

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Jaime Sky is the Co-Creator of SilentEarth Clothing Cothought provoking tee shirts and singlets that carry bold affirmations and statements to open your mind. Home to the Preanie, the must have cap of today.

Connect with Jaime via Facebook, Twitter and her website

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