Keeping the Balance

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Keeping the Balance
– energetically speaking –
Written by Brooke Hart

balance rocksThere are millions of ways to get out of balance in our lives.  Internally, our feelings and thoughts are continuously railroading forward on a path to discovery.  There are also thousands of exterior forces that may cause our body, mind and spirit to seem like it is in a state of chaos, stress, confusion, anxiety or emotional distress.  Different forms of the external hit our body and our energetics in different ways to build this feeling. 

While the external is a part of the experience in our lives, it is also a way to begin mastering the energies that surround us in a way that allows our lives to become less intense.  The more we master our energetic field, the easier it becomes to not allow the environmental and external forces to manipulate how our day goes and what cycles we begin to interact with during our life time.

Mind – Body Environment Responses

When we are exposed to certain environmental forces, it impacts our energetic and physical body.  This happens in several ways.

  1.  Our energetics become mis – aligned.  This is the first building block to more severe problems.  A mis-alignment in your chakras and energetic field also leads to physical difficulties, energetic blocks and deterioration of your mind – body relation.
  1. Energetic reactions.  Something in the environment can cause your emotions and your energetic body to respond in a specific way.  Our mind – body has a fight or flight response mechanism.  Our energetic field has the same mechanism that builds or responds in order to stay balanced.  Do you ever suddenly feel angry or sad when in a specific environment?  You’re soaking up the energetics around you instead of balancing them out.
  1. What character are you?  Our energetic body has a profound way of connecting to several astral dimensions, fields of being and other energies.  We act this out in the physical realm through actions, body changes and other aspects of our lives.  If your character is reacting in a certain way, double check the impact of your environment and what fields of being you are tapping into.
  1. Body changes.  There is an interesting phenomena I have witnessed in my own life and with others.  When they change environment or location, their body changes.  It becomes larger or smaller, it transforms with shape and they react to certain foods and physical needs very differently.  This happens in a very short period of time, specifically because of the surroundings.  However, if you have mastered your personal energy, you can maintain (or change) the body and how it responds.  

On the Path to Energy Mastery

Awareness is key with your energy body.  Studying the way your energetics and characteristics are made up first allows you to change the way you respond to the environment around you.  For instance, I know someone who, when going into a certain environment, takes everything in.  She will meet someone new and immediately tap into both their energy and their story.  Several times, I have seen this person fluctuate in weight, usually with gain, or become overly angry or depressed instantaneously.  The lesson to master?  How to protect her energy body from the surrounding environment.

To a certain extent, we all do this.  However, there may be certain attributes or life lessons that you are learning.  While these play out in the physical, they actually have a reality first in the energy body.  This is where most of our soul’s life lessons are coded.  Mastering these codes is the foundation and key to energy mastery and to our life mastery.

There are two ways to learn more about your energy and what it is doing.  The first is to look at surrounding environments.  How do you interact with this and respond to what is happening?  Observe your energy body and what it does.  If this keeps repeating, then you are training your energy to be in a certain alignment with the environment.  If this is uncomfortable, break the pattern immediately.  The challenge and the opportunity is to find a way to be in balance and peace in any environment.

The second way to master this energetic field is to look at the physical.  It is easier to observe the environment and your bodily reactions or even emotional reactions to a certain space.  The deeper you dive into looking at your surroundings and your responses, the easier it is to become aware of and shift your energy in a given location.

Most patterns and habits are created within a period of 40 days.  If you can observe both the internal and external before this time, then you can easily shift the pattern into something else.  As you do this, your energy will respond, re-align and help with developing a pattern that allows you to master a certain element or environment.  If you are in a home or work environment for an extended time, then keep re-observing and shifting.  It allows you to progress with your lifestyle habits and with your physical – mind – emotional needs.

Of course, the more you master your energy the deeper you dive into your being.  This is the greatest book that you can read and the best film you can observe.  The more you dive in, the more you will find other energies that are waiting to be released, unblocked, re-aligned or matched with your internal being and with the environment.  The endless journey of this energy mastery then allows you to open into new alignment and to reach even stronger and more divine ways of living while having physical balance and acting on true greatness.

Be beautiful.

brooke headshotBrooke Hart is executive director, entrepreneur and shamanic healer at the Omatrix Center.  She specializes in energetic healing and medicine as well as empowerment programs and spiritual teachings that allow one to find their soul purpose at this time.  She holds a vision that every individual can become empowered and into their true self through healing and with tools, such as technology, that assist them in their soul evolution and development.  Her work expands into shamanic practices, energy healing and women’s empowerment.  She also works within the business realm with Internet Marketing, strategic development and technological solutions.  Her desire is to provide a gateway from Heaven to Earth, where spiritual practices are a foundation in every area of our lives.  She is currently the author of the books, The Science and Spirit of Energy Medicine and The Power of Awakening, and is the composer of the CD, Whispers of Light.  

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