Journey to the Heart by Nora Caron

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journey to the heart nora caron

Journey to the Heart
by Nora Caron

Journey to the Heart is the tale of how one woman overcomes her bitterness and anger regarding life and love. Lucina, a twenty-five year old Canadian computer programmer, travels to Mexico in order to heal herself after a terrible burn-out and yet another bad relationship.

By chance, she encounters a deeply insightful Mexican woman named Senora Labotta, who slowly helps her come into contact with her inner Self. But Lucina is stubborn and jaded, and has difficulty stepping out of her past into a universe of fluidity and acceptance. When she meets Teleo, a charming green eyed healer, Lucina must make a decision; Either return to her fears and anxieties, or enter her heart, a place she knows very little of. 


“With such insights as “Without courage, love can never blossom”, Journey to the Heart leads you on an adventure, and will have you inwardly questioning your own journey of opening your heart to love” – Nicole Suzanne Brown (Spiritual Wisdom Magazine).

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Nora 2After struggling through the academic world, Nora realized that she was not destined to chalk up the past but rather pave a new path for souls that were feeling disoriented in the modern-day materialistic world. In her writings, she speaks of the necessity to return to nature, to our original selves, and to govern our emotions in order to achieve true peace. Nora speaks four languages, has a Masters degree in English literature, and is one of the three founders of Oceandoll Productions, a Los Angeles-based film company. Nora is the writer of the historical Western film “Wyoming Sky” currently in development in Hollywood. Nora enjoys traveling the world, swimming in the ocean, and running in the mountains.

Nora is the writer of The New Dimensions Trilogy which is comprised of “Journey to the Heart”, “New Dimensions of Being”, and forthcoming “Jaguar Dreams”. 

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