Jewels Of The Soul – Soul Design Jewelry written by Amy Cunningham

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Jewels Of The Soul – Soul Design Jewelry
written by Amy Cunningham

What is Soul? How does it relate to the physical body; what we must do to enable it to shine?

Often a deeper exploration with Soul is catalysed by a chasm in our life journey. Whether it is a traumatic event, illness, death, or a general sense of detachment, there is always a time where we adjust our focus to reigniting the light which burns within us all.

jewels of the soul1And when it comes to the art of soul healing, two remarkable individuals in Christchurch, New Zealand, have become international experts on the subject. Dan van Wylich and Margaret Ninness are the owners of Soul Design, and have (as the name of their business suggests) dedicated their lives to the complex inner workings of Soul in all its magnificent forms.

Combining their unique talents of silversmithing and clairvoyance, this dynamic duo has unveiled a revolutionary concept which is having a profound impact on those who seek a heightened connection with their soul – in all corners of the world.

A husband and wife team with over 50 years combined experience in the art of healing, meditation and clairvoyance, it is no wonder Margaret and Dan’s Soul Necklaces are receiving international acclaim from their wearers, for their unique healing properties and benefits.


Lovingly crafted by hand specifically for every individual, these magnificent necklaces are designed precisely for the soul they are designed for.  Equally stunning as they are spiritually meaningful, the Soul Necklace presents a physical manifestation of what the connected personality requires at that point in time, to bring it back into balance with the soul and reacquaint with its celestial origins.

Margaret describes the Soul Necklace as a light tool, acting as a mirror to the Soul.

“Every single soul on Planet Earth carries with it a complex and intelligent labyrinth of experiences of the past and a need to evolve, and although the soul knows what to do in order to obtain an awakened state, the personality can become stuck through the demands and attachments of human life. So when a Soul Necklace is requested we know it is because the soul itself has put out the call which has been heard by the personality.

The Soul Necklace works as a light tool, facilitating the soul/personality connection to awaken and become more active within the physical realm. Once this happens a whole world of opportunities can unfold. It is an intensely emotional and exciting process.  Often people break down and cry when they see their Soul Necklace for the first time, so we feel immensely privileged to have become part of such a deeply personal and life changing experience.”

The creative process begins when a soul (through the person) makes contact. Once connected, Dan or Margaret channel the soul energy through clairvoyance, from wherever in the world the customer may be, and allows the soul to establish what it needs.

All aspects of the creation, from the gemstones, to the forging of shapes, stone settings, forms and cut, are transpired to reflect the blueprint of the soul it is made for.

jewels of the soul2Silversmiths by trade, it is easy to see the quality of workmanship in their work. Only precious metals are used – sterling silver, gold, and occasionally copper. Gemstones are sourced through a credible supplier who lives in the far North of the North Island of New Zealand, and visits India several times a year in order to hand pick the very best gemstones.

“Our supplier, Grant, has been acquiring the world’s best gemstones for decades. He travels all over the place, even into countries that are turbulent or hard to access, because he has the contacts to do so and is savvy and extremely experienced,” explains Dan.

“India is historically renowned for having the world’s top stone cutters, although like everything else the gemstone business is changing exponentially in the world’s current unstable and changeable climate. Grant understands and supports what we do completely.”

Fans of the Soul Necklaces Dan and Margaret create are vast and rapidly accumulating – the plethora of testimonials on their website is testament to their flourishing following.

Ruth is a Wellington based customer who has commissioned two Soul Necklaces.

“I had my first Soul Necklace made after I saw my sister’s one – I immediately fell in love with the sheer beauty and magnificence of it,” says Ruth.

“Margaret picked up on the struggles I was having in my life at the time, so she made it with a large centre piece of faceted rose quartz (amongst a cluster of others) , which was truly breath-taking. It was so beautiful, and it looked like something a queen would wear. As soon as I started to wear it, I felt like I was in a state of altered consciousness, and then extraordinary things seemed to happen in my life – it was an amazing experience.

I now realise that Margaret was tuning into different traumas and experiences in my life time, and past lives, and I started to feel stronger, healthier and more empowered than I had for years.”

For her second necklace – some people have more than one for different aspects of their soul work – Ruth wanted a more aspirational piece as opposed to a healing facilitator.

“I wanted to cultivate more divine love, and bring that into my life in terms of relationships. When Margaret couriered me my second piece I experienced it as a cross, and I immediately had a vision of the Crucifixion. I felt inspired to retrace my Christian roots, so Margaret suggested I read a book about Mary Magdalene. I have just returned from a retreat where the woman channelled Mary Magdalene, and it was the most incredible four days of my life. I felt like I had waited my entire life for that moment, and I know it would not have happened without the guidance of my Soul Necklace.”

jewels of the soul3The gemstones in Ruth’s necklace include:-

Fire Opal from Mexico
For prosperity, strength, passion, and vitality.  This stone activates the meridians, helping one look within one’s self with clarity and depth.

Rhodolite Garnets from Africa
A loving stone of health and commitment; activator of the Kundalini. Regenerative and purifying.  A stone of inspiration bringing love via the heart and mind.  An excellent stabiliser.

Pink Spinel from Sri Lanka
A high energy stone.  Encourages the wearer to think with the heart (in Ruth’s case in its perfect placement as centre stone).  It aligns head and heart chakras.  Assists one on the path to Enlightenment.

Amethyst from Uruguay
Stone of transformation, transmutation, metamorphosis and spiritual adeptship.  Used widely as a meditation stone.  Carries the energy and embodies the principle of the violet fire of the 7th Ray.

Margaret and Dan also offer a written ‘reading’ as part of the Soul Necklace experience, which describes “what sort of being you are”. It also provides personal information about how specifically the gemstones work with the soul it is made for, in addition to the meaning of the design, including the careful placement of the stones, and the purpose of the soul’s intent.

“The fusion of the gemstones in each soul piece interact collectively within the silver design. This often includes sacred geometry or symbols from that particular soul’s evolution. This in turn impacts on the body’s meridians and energy systems, to create a quantum shift towards healing, far beyond their individual potential,” explains Margaret.

“Ruth’s second necklace was a call from her soul to express cosmic love. The creation of her Soul Necklace was magical because her personality was ready to let go on a very deep level, so the energy of creation flowed into the process easily without any blockages at my end.  Often if people have obstacles in their personal life this is mirrored on the soldering block, which can be a physically challenging process for Dan and I to express.”

Although they have had souls which have demanded technically challenging work in the past, Margaret and Dan say there has been a shift in the type of people who are increasingly drawn to the idea.

“These days we tend to attract people who are totally on the ball – self-aware and self-responsible, with complete trust in what we do.  Life shifts do happen to us all though, and sometimes commissioning a soul necklace can activate these.

Dan and I meet ourselves spiritually in every soul necklace we make, regardless of what type of being they are, whether we have met them in person, or what their level of awareness is.  This is because we are all journeying together towards awakening.  It is a humbling experience to be entrusted with such a sacred task as to craft a soul piece for someone, helping to create greater awareness, freedom and light on Planet Earth.”  

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amy cunningham

Amy Cunningham is the Director of Cunningham Communications – a boutique PR firm based in Nelson, New Zealand, specialising in media relations and digital.

With over 10 years of industry experience, Amy utilises her strengths in writing, strategy and digital communications to create tailored PR solutions to help her clients get their messages across and stand out from the crowd.

She is also a lecturer at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, where she teaches creatives how to market themselves, and translate their craft into a successful business.

Amy has two children and co-owns a jewellery business with her partner Benjamin in Nelson.

Connect with Amy through her Website and Twitter

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