Intuition. The most under-used tool in the human body written by Emily Chantiri

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 Intuition. The most under-used tool in the human body.
written by Emily Chantiri

I know that I am not the only one who has regretted not listening to their instinct; regardless of whether it’s as simple as choosing one meal over another at a restaurant or a life changing one such as leaving a job. When the inner voice calls it can be difficult to know which course of action to take. The answer lies in trusting yourself and listening to your instinct.

As a journalist, I have interviewed many leading and successful people. Whenever I ask them what led them to their success, many have said they were guided by their instinct or gut feel.

When I was looking to find a publisher for my first book, The Money Club (publisher Random House) my instinct guided me to an old friend with whom I had lost contact. It had been several years since I had spoken to her, but a strong inner voice pushed me to find her.  When I eventually found her, she gave me the name of a publisher, who would inturn publish the book and, it became a best-seller.

voice of intuition

This was more than fourteen years ago. As the years progressed, intuition became my friend, my guidance and my protector. I learned to rely on it more and more. I believe it can be the same for everyone else. This is the reason I chose to write my next book, The Voice of Intuition on this very subject.

Intuition is what I call the voice from the heart. It’s where all the answers we seek lay – deep within us. It’s taken me a while to understand this, but time and time again, whenever I’ve been trying to make the right decision on an issue, the answer is always there, deep inside. I just had to learn how to tap into it and through this book, The Voice of Intuition; you’ll learn to tap into yours.

Don’t expect your intuition to bloom overnight. In my experience, it takes time to get to a stage of living intuitively. However, once you learn to listen to and trust your intuition, a sense of calm does take over. You’ll also feel more confident in the choices you make. This is something I have experienced time and time again.

It takes courage to listen to your heart and have faith in yourself. Your inner voice is calling out to you all the time; it wants you to take a certain path or action that it knows will lead to the greatest outcome. To follow that voice, you have to learn to back yourself. After a few times following your heart, you’ll realise that when you do, things always turn out well. Trusting your intuition is a confidence-builder.

Intuition acts as your very own internal guide. Any uneasiness you feel around a situation or person is your intuition warning you. You might feel a sensation in your gut or you may feel highly anxious. Intuition is the most powerful and under-used tool we have in the human mind. It takes a lot of courage to listen to your intuition. No-one has your best interest at heart more than you do. So, listen to your intuition. Not only will you build self confidence, (this is very different from an inflated ego) you will also learn to trust yourself and free yourself from hanging onto others to make decisions for you.

Believing in my intuition has given me the confidence to trust myself.  This belief has broken the shackles that once hinged me onto others.

The Voice of Intuition is available for purchase as ebook and paperback on Amazon, Smashwords, Angus and Robertson, Booktopia, Berkelouw Books  and other major retailers.

Emily ChantiriEmily Chantiri is a best-selling author and journalist. She is a regular contributor to a number of publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial Review, BRW Magazine, the Good Food Pub Guide, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire an other leading publications. Emily is the author of five books, including three bestsellers, The Money Club, Financially Fit for Life and The Savvy Girl’s Money Book. The Voice of Intuition is her latest book.


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  1. nicole August 25, 2013 at 4:26 am - 

    Thank you Miki.. I am so glad you were able to recognise the signs of intuition and help your family out.
    I hope that everything worked out ok 🙂
    *squishy hugs*

  2. miki bell August 25, 2013 at 2:22 am - 

    I feel the same, For as long as I remember, I always followed my gut feeling or my intuition. Just yesterday, I felt compelled to cook a meal, as it turned out, while the meal was cooking I received a phone call from my daughters’ friend that she was in a stressful situation, and could not go home to her children ages 13 and 16, and would I go and stay with them. My meal came in so handy to feed them and spend the evening there until my daughter found the peace within herself.
    I have quite a number of intuitive situations mentioned in my recently published book “A Life of Many Colors-from Israel to America”. There is much to say about being in-touch with ones own gut and trusting it. I hope you can check out my web site.
    Love what you have to share.

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