Taking out the imprint power

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Taking Out the Imprint Power
written by Brooke Hart

back painA client of mine came in, telling me that his lower back hurt.  It had been hurting for a couple of days and was growing exceedingly worse.  He then followed with an incident over a month ago where he had been hit in the back in the exact same place.  As I was listening, I began to think that the incident had left a traumatic pattern in his energetic field.  However, the trace to the lower back grew with several instances of lower back pain that had triggered over time.

Our energetic field doesn’t understand time.  It has no relationship to a clock, days or weeks.  It is oblivious to the season or the years that you exist in.  To your energy and aura, you are a soul and exist in eternity.  It translates something that happens to you with an energetic response.  As we move through our lives, we create imprints and patterns that show up over and over again.  It isn’t limited to this life.  If we don’t resolve an imprint from our soul journey, then it shows up.  There are many that I have seen that are born with problems or that have symptoms unexplained exist at a very young age.  In some instances (not all), I can see a direct link to imprints they are holding from trauma not in this life time. 

What my client was expressing was an imprint pattern that wove very deeply into his energetic field.  The initial lower back pain had occurred after an emotionally traumatic experience a long time ago.  The energy field responded with what is known as an imprint.  It is like an energetic brand that stays with you until you tell it otherwise.  It digs deeper into your energy field.  This makes it easier for triggers to happen that cause the same responses over and over again, specifically because of your energy field.

My client’s experience could have been anyone’s experience and isn’t just the lower back.  The shoulders, neck, belly, legs, wrists… anything and everything in your physical body is communicating to you from the etheric realm.  It is responding with a communication pattern to let you know where the energy field is working and where it is off.  When there is an embedded and deeper imprint, it is letting you know that the energetics need some deep release of traumatic experiences.

Taking Back Your Energy Power

Your energy field, your body and everything that exists within you is transferrable.  It shape shifts and changes constantly.  We are under the impression that we are solid beings that exist in a 3D realm.  This perspective changes when you begin to see the energetics and how they alter your life path all the time.  When your energy has shifted through an imprint, your body eventually responds.  There are alterations that occur with energetic patterns to assist you.  It then communicates to your physical body about the shift.  The solid matter can sometimes make the shift.  Most of the time; however, it sticks in a space of pain while the imprint moves further into the body.

Constant movement of the energetic field also means constant work through physical pain and into the etheric body.  Balancing out energy on a consistent basis through Yoga, meditation or other balancing techniques allows the energy field to clear. For deeper imprints, this allows them to come up.  When the pain starts to flair up, then you can clear the energy imprint.  Instead of trying to eliminate the pain immediately, tap into the trauma and the imprint for a complete release.  The pain may climax, but after this point, the imprint disperses and is no longer needed in your energy field.

An important part of taking back energy power is to recognize the healing process.  Western medicine has led to a band – aid to immediately take away any pain or sickness.  In a healing process, one moves through deeper release.  This means that the pain is used to release.  The imprints may trigger something like a memory, emotion or traumatic experience.  This is stuck in the imprint and needs to move out of your energy body.  It isn’t you.  It is simply an experience that is sitting in your field.  The more you can release, the healthier you will be and the clearer you will become.  Going through a pain to release cycle then allows you to move back into balance within your energy field.

Part of the life journey is to release the imprints that we have learned in past journeys.  It is to regain the balance and clarity of our energetic field.  The process of healing is one that invites release and consistent learning through energy, emotion and the physical metaphor that reflects our spirit.  Allowing yourself to release the trauma and to take out the imprint power is also one that offers a movement into your true self.

Be beautiful. 

brooke headshotBrooke Hart is the executive director, entrepreneur and shamanic healer at the Omatrix Center.  She specializes in energetic healing and medicine as well as empowerment programs and spiritual teachings that allow one to find their soul purpose at this time.  She holds a vision that every individual can become empowered and into their true self through healing and with tools, such as technology, that assist them in their soul evolution and development.  Her work expands into shamanic practices, energy healing and women’s empowerment.  She also works within the business realm with Internet Marketing, strategic development and technological solutions.  Her desire is to provide a gateway from Heaven to Earth, where spiritual practices are a foundation in every area of our lives.  She is currently the author of the books, The Science and Spirit of Energy Medicine and The Power of Awakening, and is the composer of the CD, Whispers of Light.  

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