Human Design: A Fresh Take on Mindset

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Human Design: A Fresh Take on Mindset
by Madeleine St.Jacques

Ok, love – pop quiz! Where is your mindset hanging out these days?

– Are you here? gandhi


or are you here?

What if I told you that you can be at peace with either one of these energies. “Impossible” you say? Keep reading my lovelies. I have just the tool for you. All will be revealed…

Instead of flogging yourself for lacking the Gandhi love vibes, what if you were able to come to terms with where you’re at? Imagine, for a moment…instead of judging yourself and kicking that negative tape loop into play that’s like a top-10-hit-list-of-why-you’re-not-good-enough, etc., — you make peace with, and decide you can hang with your grousey self. Allowing and accepting where you’re at is a powerful and meaningful place to be. Now, I’m not giving you a free pass to be self-indulgent here – there’s a difference, am I right? There’s an important distinction to be made between ‘acceptance’ and ‘wallowing’.
The idea is, meet yourself halfway.

Let’s play with this for a minute and really try to feel the difference in the following  scenarios:

{1}You’re feeling wretched and you’re really upset about something; you then get upset at yourself for feeling upset; then, you start saying things to yourself like “ugh! I always react like this when something bad happens. Why can’t I just roll with the punches…I’m just too emotional &*#$!!!”. Then, you notice how negatively you’re talking to yourself and you decide to chime in about this too: “Great, there I go again! Now I’m giving myself a hard time about giving myself a hard time!! It’s hopeless…I’m hopeless. How do I get out of this spiral? That’s it, I’ve officially gone insane!”
Then, you’re so agitated about being caught in ‘the spin’ that it ripples out to the people in your life. Not exactly the kind of “paying it forward” you want to put out there, yes?

Now, scenario number 2:
{2} You are feeling really upset about something. *breathe* *breathe again* You say to yourself, “I’ve been here before. It won’t last forever. I feel awful but I’m not going to fight with myself over this. I don’t like feeling uncomfortable, but if I resist how I feel right now and make myself feel bad about it, this will only compound the problem and kick me lower down the emotional scale. *breathe* *breathe again* How am I feeling right now? How do I want to be feeling –right now?”

Be honest. Go there; hang out for a little while and honor the emotions, then check back in with yourself and see where you’re at. Most of us can’t go from pissed off to blissfully joyful in one shot – it’s ok.

Honor your feelings, express them appropriately, then check in with yourself and see if you can inch a little closer to the neighborhood you really want to be in.



Tune into the daily tape loop or chatter going on in your head – you know, the running commentary that depending on the day can either sound like the placid tones of Sigourney Weaver narrating a documentary or “Statler and Waldorf” — those 2 grousey critics from the Muppet Show. Joking aside, it is so important to be aware of how you are speaking to yourself; so important to be aware of any limiting or erroneous beliefs you may have about yourself and others.

This can be a tough nut to crack, but let’s keep it simple – how badly do you want to feel at peace? Forget about flogging yourself for your “bad habits”. Forget about how deeply entrenched you think these tendencies are. The only things that matter are a) what you’re intending, right now in this moment and b) who you are right now in this moment.

This is an area where Human Design can be so profoundly enlightening and liberating. For example, some people actually carry the energies of ‘correction’ in their Human Design Charts. They’re not going out of their way to be critical or judgy. Others are wired to be quite detail-oriented; others, “perfectionistic” because you may fear that you’ll never ‘get it right’; others are very cerebral and love to think about things; others may have a hard time letting things go – thoughts, disharmonious relationships, material things; others are wired to have a tendency to fixate or obsess about things because you’re determined to uncover something you might’ve missed the first (or fifteenth) time you thought about it.

My point is, the awareness that you have one or a combination of these energies in your personal energy blueprint will go a long way in helping you accept yourself and others and thus, {drumroll} improve your mindset.


Sample Human Design Chart

Imagine that possibility for a moment. You may have been grappling for years with an inner critic, who judges everything you do and has an uncanny knack for high-lighting all your faults and everyone else’s as well. You know how exhausting it is to live with this kind of energy. Now, Imagine the moment you find out this is simply an energetic trait in your blueprint – an energy that you carry, but it’s not personal, AND in its highest potential is meant to help you (and others) ‘correct’ the patterns of the past so that you can move forward with acceptance and joy.

are you goals big enoughImagine being able to make sense of that bossy, opinionated person in your life – you know who I’m talking about – the one who’s always blurting out their ideas and insights. (some of which may actually hold truth, by the way, but you’re so cheesed about the fact that they shot off their mouth, uninvited once again, that the information has fallen on deaf ears). Knowing that you, or someone in your life carries this energy will allow you to be less reactive and work with rather than against these energies. Imagine being able to say to yourself, “it’s just an idea, it’s just an insight, it’s just a possibility; what’s true for this person, may not be true for me and that’s ok – it’s not personal; maybe they don’t realize others will be more receptive to their ideas unless they’re asked to share them; maybe they’re not aware that their ideas and opinions aren’t meant for everyone – they need to wait for the right people to come along and engage them.”

Maybe that moody person in your life is designed to be just that – moody and emotional – and they just need to learn how to work with the highs and lows of their “emotional waves”. Their moody expressions have nothing to do with you after all – it’s not personal. How deliciously liberating would it be to have this new, fresh understanding of yourself and the people in your life? No longer will you need to ask the question, “why do I/why do they do this all the time?” No longer will you question “what’s wrong with me? Or what’s wrong with them?” You have this knowledge that allows you to accept you for you – warts and all, as they say. You no longer need to be triggered by others’ behaviors. You can now choose to respond rather than react. I promise you, once you encounter this information, you will look at everyone and everything with fresh eyes. Your perception will change for the better. And you will be rewarded with a richer, deeper understanding.



new headshot(2)Madeleine St. Jacques is a skilled coach and educator helping individuals and families create success, harmony, and peace in their lives. She is also an artist, writer, and Certified Human Design Specialist.

Whether you’re looking to create a customized stress-busting tool kit, or accelerate your evolutionary growth & development; she’s got just the thing. You determine the topics and you set the pace.

Madeleine’s passion is connecting you with practical, innovative resources & strategies that work. Tools that give you the inspiration and confidence you need to successfully shift the way you work, parent, and relate to your family, friends (and yourself!).

To start creating success, harmony and peace in your life connect with Madeleine, here:


Twitter: @alchemyarts74

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