Honor Yourself This Holiday Season

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Honor Yourself This Holiday Season
by Madeleine St.Jacques

Now that the holiday season is officially in full-throttle, lots of articles and posts are surfacing about how to stay sane and avoid overwhelm.

It’s true that we all could use some pithy reminders as the holiday mishegas has been known to bring even the most Zen to their knees (and not in a prayerful kind of way).

What I am offering all of you, dear ones, is a gentle reminder: It’s OK to do what’s best for you and your family during the holidays.

If you need a time out from the fracas this year, it’s ok…Aunt Hildy will get over it. So often we put others’ needs ahead of our own and the holidays are no exception. We put pressure on ourselves to meet others’ expectations, fulfill traditions (some of which may no longer serve you) and make everything magic-tastical.


Switching things up and celebrating differently in a way that honors your needs is not the end of the world. Your extended family will get over it and the world will continue rotating and revolving. There’s always next year.

Your health and sanity is what’s important. Just say no to self-sacrifice and over-extending! And make the choice to give yourself the gift of harmony and peace in mind, body, and spirit this holiday season.

Need some strategies and support to get you through the holidays? Want to give that special someone in your life the gift of inner harmony and peace? Contact Madeleine at


new headshot(2)Madeleine St. Jacques is a heart-centered Parenting Coach and Educator with a passion for empowering families. She is a Certified Human Design Specialist, Certified Family Coach with over 13 years of experience and training in various healing modalities. Madeleine is also co-founder of Empowered Parenting classes and support groups along with Rev. Jamie Streett.

Madeleine provides practical, innovative resources and strategies so you can start creating success, harmony, and peace in your life. She believes that peace is possible – wherever you happen to be in your life – and is passionate about helping you find a place of peace within yourself and your family.

Madeleine lives in NJ with her husband and vivacious daughter who continue to be her greatest source of inspiration and growth.

 To start creating success, harmony and peace in your life connect with Madeleine, here:


Twitter: @alchemyarts74

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Madeleine St Jacques

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